Oct 12, 2014

James Risen Might Be Imprisoned for Fighting for Our Constitutional Rights vs. The NSA

60 Minutes interviews both sides and parties of this historic Constitutional controversy of the NSA's surveillance--under the plea of necessity by the Bush administration and continued by Obama--of free Americans for the war on terrorism.

Instead of prosecution by the government, as this WAR ON LEAKS story reveals, James Risen deserves a Medal of Freedom (contrary to giving one to former CIA director George Tenet who supported the lie of WMD) for fighting to preserve our freedoms from the tyranny of government.

NOVA Thoroughly Reviews What Happened to Malaysia Flight MH370

Jun 26, 2014

CNBC - A 2014 scorecard. West Virginia a Bottom State for Business!

West Virginia is ranked 48th!  "Open for business?".  Former Gov. Joe Manchin, Tomblin, and the democrat majority are responsible for this poor rating and have made no progress.  

Do West Virginians want a change or not?  Republicans and independents need to insist on it and lead the way so voters can put them in position to do so.


A 2014 scorecard on how America's states stack up

CNBC unveils its eighth annual America's Top States for Business ranking that looks at 10 key factors to assess the regional economic landscape.

Read more:http://www.cnbc.com/id/101758236

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Oct 11, 2013

Western Maryland Counties Talk Secession. Become Mountaineers or Subtract Eastern Panhandle?

This could become very interesting.  For it may in fact turn out to be what the Eastern Panhandle has been waiting for (see the WSAZ article), i.e. the opportunity to secede from the "Charleston regime" that controls West Virginia government.  The discontent has been growing.

Historically, the Eastern Panhandle had more controversy (and highly doubtful voting tabulations) during West Virginia's secession and founding perhaps than any other part.  (See our previous articles regarding the unconstitutional founding of West Virginia, including the controversy documented on West Virginia Public Television).  The Eastern Panhandle has been griping ever since and this could potentially provide them the opportunity to secede from "Charleston" control and join western Maryland counties to form another and possible 51st State, all legal and Constitutional, providing the State governments grant their consent (a big if, but it could be demanded).

For more on this subject see Pat Buchanan's article: 

Is red state America seceding?

Pat Buchanan covers many movements across U.S. to divorce from urban rulers

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/10/is-red-state-america-seceding/#QUftXyfQKmRAEv1j.99

Sep 4, 2013

Syria and WMDs, The Iraq Parallel

This excellent interview with someone who knows what he's talking about and who helped Colin Powell make the "case" for Iraq before the U.N..  Congress should carefully consider his experienced viewpoint instead of listening to AIPAC, the neoconservatives, and "the McCainiacs" (see previous article by Pat Buchanan) who support it for the sake of the aggressive "new middle east" Israeli agenda.

Note his healthy scepticism as a U.S. military official during the Bush administration about the "intelligence" of precisely who used the alleged chemical weapons which is more in line with Putin than Obama, and who just called Secretary Kerry a liar

Remember the intelligence from "curveball" that claimed that Saddam Hussein was obtaining "enriched uranium" from Nigeria to justify action into Iraq.

Congress should also listen more to the vast majority of the American people who oppose a strike on Syria.  Yes, that especially includes Rep. Shelly Moore Capito who is inclined to support wars for AIPAC and seldom listens to war dissent from West Virginians.  (Sen. Manchin has the same tendency until its popular to withdraw).  Surprisingly, she has been reluctant thus far to support the Syrian strike, saying

“I’ve been in Congress for a long enough time to know that, just because the intelligence says it’s so on first blush, I’m not sure we’re all going to accept that without the deep detail that I think we need to have and that the President should bring to Congress,” she said.

It all hinges on the pretended "intelligence".  And also which party presents it, unfortunately.  But is that still enough reason to support American military conflict in another Middle East conflict that does not threaten Americans?  Another Middle East engagement will certainly hurt our economy and deficit spending as oil prices will rise again and Congress will spend billions more.