Feb 27, 2007

"Lost Tomb of Jesus": The Talmud Makes its Way to the Discovery Channel

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

by Michael A. Hoffman II

The Discovery Channel's documentary, "The Lost Tomb of Jesus," is the latest predictable bigotry from the usual suspects. Though Hollywood director James Cameron is the visible spokesman, according to the New York Times, Simcha Jacobovici, an Israeli, is "the documentary's director and its driving force." For obvious reasons the media are not emphasizing that fact.

Zionist reporter Laurie Goodstein, writing in the Feb. 27 edition of the New York Times, treats the alleged discovery of the "grave of Jesus" as worthy of serious contemplation, while regarding any Christian outrage as slightly comical: "It's going to get a lot of Christians with their knickers in a knot unnecessarily."

No such laisssez-faire insouciance from the Laurie Goodsteins of the world greeted Prof. Ariel Toaff of Bar-Ilan University earlier this month, when he asserted in his Italian-language book, "Pasque di Sangue" (Bloody Passovers) that medieval and Renaissance Judaic ritual murder of Christian children was in some cases factual. The Zionist media and the ADL had more than their knickers in a knot over Toaff. They responded with one mighty voice of howling wrath: this was fantasy, not history; anti-semitic racism from a self-hating Judiac opposed by every historian on earth and despised by every right-thinking human on the planet. Serious contemplation of a new discovery? Fuggetaboutit!

To learn the extent to which Judaic supremacy is triumphant in our time, all one has to do is compare the treatment accorded to each of these 'discoveries.' The Jacobovici/Cameron hoax is presented by the media as a thoughtful alternative to uptight fundamentalist orthodoxy. Pros and cons are debated in an atmosphere of civility and reason. Criticism is entertained, mainly in order to appear balanced amid ample shades of gray. But any vehement, sustained outrage against the claim that Jesus Christ's tomb has been found, with the suggestion that he was buried next to his sex partner, Mary Magdalene, is scornfully dismissed as nutjob religious fanaticism.

In the disparity between the treatment of the two controversies, we find the strength of Judaism and the anemia of a Christianity which, in American society, is little more than Churchianity, in spite of the fact that the President of the United States is alleged to be a "devout Christian," along with a sizable portion of his Republican party, who will no doubt blow off ineffectual steam over "The Lost Tomb of Jesus," just as they did with "The Da Vinci Code," even as the producers' cash registers ring a merry tune. After all, Martin Scorcese, the director of "The Last Tempation of Christ," a movie that portrayed Jesus as a demented sex freak and coward, has just won the Academy Award.

Far from being courageous heretics, Jacobovici and Cameron are conformist front men for the dictates of dogmatic Orthodox Judaism, just as Dan Brown and Hollywood director Ron Howard with their "Da Vinci Code" book and movie vomit, were fronting for the Kabbalistic gnosis of the western secret societies.

The Establishment will deflate the impact of the Israeli origins of this grotesque insult to Christ by trotting out a few Orthodox rabbis who will say they side with Christians against it. These "good rabbis" are part of the charade, necessary to successfully deflect attention away from the Talmudic nature of the production. How many of the handful of supposed "Orthodox Judaics of good will" will come forward to condemn the film as having been inspired by traditional Judaic teachings about Jesus? Rather, they will indict the "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" as a "liberal" rather than a Talmudic evil.

This writer would be more than happy to have Jerry Falwell, Franklin Graham and John Hagee condemn an English translation of Ariel Toaff's "Pasque di Sangue" even as it was published from coast to coast. Their condemnation wouldn't faze me in the least; neither will any window-dressing theatrics from those token "good Orthodox rabbis" detract one iota from the success of "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" and the fact that the hidden hand of rotten rabbinic tradition is all over this degenerate project.

In the run-up to the publication of his book, Prof. Toaff started out defiant: "The author of a book on the use of blood by Jews in Ashkenazi communities in the Middle Ages said... in the face of the furor its publication aroused, 'I will not give up my devotion to the truth and academic freedom even if the world crucifies me." Within a week of Toaff announcing the book's publication, he did just that, under threat of expulsion from his university, arrest by Israeli authorities and credible death threats.

While the infantilized goyim are told it would be racist "anti-Semitism" for us to give Toaff's thesis a hearing, to defend him or demand that his book go forward, it is noble, adventurous and truly adult of us to give thoughtful consideration to Jacobovici and Cameron's "Lost Tomb of Jesus."

If America were really a "Christian country" the sponsors of this subversive, antichrist filth would face fiscal bankruptcy from an iron-clad Christian boycott of the cable TV network associated with the film, and every corporate sponsor connected with it; and moral bankruptcy due to near-universal revulsion and social ostracism. But nothing like that happened to the influential Ron Howard, the fantastically wealthy Dan Brown or Academy Award winner Scorcese. Surely Jacobovici and Cameron are emboldened by the fact that America is the place to score against Christ while stuffing one's pockets with cash.

Jesus Christ, the New Adam, never suffered physical disintegration on earth. That was God's curse on the old Adam. But the Talmud, Kabbalah and Toledot Yeshu have always accused Jesus of being a a con-man and sorcerer who learned his magician's trade in Egypt, and who is even now being cooked in hell in his own feces. From hell, the Talmud has Jesus advising we the living to obey the Judaic authorities in all things.

In our misdirection and paralysis, it appears Americans are dutiful followers of that hell-bound, faux Talmudic "Jesus." After all, lots of money (perish the thought, says Cameron) is going to be made off the Tomb of Jesus scam, and when did any red-blooded, rabbi-fearing American ever interfere with a guy's ability to make a buck? It's the American way!

The truth is, Jesus Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father, from whence He shall come again to judge the living and the dead, and of His kingdom there will be no end.

Are you listening, proud, arrogant, profit-loving "Christian America," facilitators of "The Da Vinci Code" and now "The Lost Tomb of Jesus"? Are you listening Hollywood? Are you listening, all of you who make common cause with Talmudic rabbis and Israeli Zionists? His day, the Day of Judgment by the Jesus you allow Hollywood to say lies moldering in dust for the TV cameras to ogle and the DNA ghouls to sample, is coming, and when it does, all those who tolerated or -- God forbid -- promoted this diabolical charade, will have their fateful appointment with eternity.

In the meantime, a kind of ritual murder of the reputation of Jesus Christ is unfolding before our very eyes, scandalizing millions, including our children. It's legal. It's profitable, its Talmudic, and it's all happening right here in "Christian" America, light unto the nations and bosom buddy of God's Chosen People, of whom Simcha Jacobovici is a sterling example.

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Feb 26, 2007

REAL ID Update: States Get Five-Year Extension, BUT..

‘every bit as bad as anything George Orwell suggested in 1984.”

--Idaho Governor Butch Otter repudiating the Real ID act that he cosponsored last year while in Congress.

Here is the "But"....the new Federal Fascism office of Homeland Tyranny still intimidates the States to comply to the federalization of their licenses (national ID cards), which establishes the most draconian data-mining program (interstate, Fed, and Mexico and Canada shared) Orwell ever dreamed of (using biometrics and SSN, thus tapping into anyone's financial, legal, credit, and health records at will) contrary to the 10th and 4th amendments, our precious Bill of Rights, of the Constitution, which defines our freedoms from government intrusion and states rights. (See our previous article below for much more).

New West (original post)
By Sharon Fisher, 3-01-07

The good news is that states now don’t have to comply with Real ID regulations until 2013. The bad news is that states will still have to do all the same things that has made more than 30 of themincluding Idahopass or submit legislation protesting the act, which is intended to produce a uniform standard for driver’s licenses.

The new deadline was revealed in a 162-page document issued today by the Department of Homeland Security.

States have been protesting a number of the components of the Real ID act, passed a year ago and originally intended to go into effect in May, 2008. Most notably, they are concerned about the $11 billion cost of implementing the program, but civil liberties issues are also a factor. Even Governor Butch Otter, one of the cosponsors of the bill in Congress, is repudiating it.

In fact, DHS said it had received comments from 48 jurisdictions—46 states, plus American Samoa and the District of Columbia.

In addition to extending the deadline—though people whose licenses expire are supposed to get Real ID-compliant licenses before then—DHS said states should adopt an exception policy for people who, through no fault of their own, didn’t have the appropriate documentation—particularly people born before 1935—and that automatic renewal through venues such as the Internet continue to be allowed, if images of the original documents are kept.

While states no longer have to comply with the Act by May, 2008, they are supposed to submit their certification package by February, 2008—90 days before the May 2008 deadline—and in addition are supposed to “communicate their intent to certify compliance or request an extension” by October, 2007. However, such extensions are only intended to last until December, 2009.

As far as the privacy concerns that some people, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, have expressed, DHS essentially said that people shouldn’t be concerned because such information is all collected by the government anyway. “[N]either the Real ID Act nor these proposed regulations gives the Federal Government any greater access to information than it had before.”

Indeed, much of the security requirements appear to be pushed back down to the states. “Each State will be required to prepare a comprehensive security plan for its DMV offices and driver’s license storage and production facilities, databases, and systems utilized for collecting, disseminating or storing information used in the issuance of REAL ID licenses. As part of this requirement, DHS will require that each State include in its annual certification information as to how the State will protect the privacy of the data collected, used, and maintained in connection with REAL ID, including all the source documents.”

However, DHS has determined that the information should be stored on the back of the card in an unencrypted bar code, which DHS admitted is a security hole. “For example, a bar could scan the 2D barcode to verify that the individual presenting the driver’s license or identification card was 21 or over, and at the same time could conceivably obtain the person’s name and address off the barcode and compile a list of names and addresses of its patrons, which it could subsequently sell or use,” the report explained. “DHS...invites comment on how to provide this access and the protection of the information at the same time.”

DHS also gives its own figures and a breakdown of what it expects costs to be, which is $23 billion. States will incur more than 60% of these costs, DHS said.

Much of the rest of the voluminous report is a painstaking description of the documents that will—and will not—be suitable for identification for a Real ID.

DHS is actively seeking comments on the document. Comments can be faxed to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, Attention: DHS-TSA Desk Officer, at (202) 395-5806.

The Real ID, which is being opposed by more than 30 states, including Montana, [where is West Virginia--"Mountaineers are always free"?] defines a number of requirements for driver’s licenses, including a digital photo, various features intended to keep it from being duplicated, and could potentially include a radio frequency ID chip. In addition, it requires states to link their record-keeping systems to national databases. People who live in states that do not comply with the act will not be able to use their driver’s licenses for boarding an airplane, entering a federal building, or opening some bank accounts.

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Feb 22, 2007

SLC Tribune: McVeigh had High-level Fed Help in OKC Attack

Above is just a small sample of news coverage evidence which proves that it was not a fertilizer truck of explosives by a lone McVeigh that blew the building during the Clinton administration, with Janet Reno (Nero spelled sideways) over the FBI, et al. On April 23, 1995, only four days after the bombing, with public outrage still at its height, President Clinton signed into law the so-called Counter-Terrorism Bill. This same pattern is in evidence with the 9/11 "attack" blamed on Islamic terrorists and a Bin Laden who publicly denied it.

Affidavit: McVeigh had high-level help
According to Oklahoma bombing conspirator, ranking officials were involved in the attack

By Pamela Manson
The Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated: 02/21/2007 01:03:43 AM MST

Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols says a
high-ranking FBI official "apparently" was directing Timothy McVeigh in the plot to blow up a government building and might have changed the original target of the attack, according to a new affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Utah.

The official and other conspirators are being protected by the federal government "in a cover-up to escape its responsibility for the loss of life in Oklahoma," Nichols claims in a Feb. 9 affidavit. Documents that supposedly help back up his allegations have been sealed to protect information in them, such as Social Security numbers and dates of birth.

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Utah had no comment on the allegations. The FBI and Justice Department in Washington, D.C., also declined comment.

Nichols does not say what motive the government would have to be involved in the bombing.

The affidavit was filed in a lawsuit brought by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue, who believes his brother's death in a federal prison was linked to the Oklahoma City bombing. The suit, which seeks documents from the FBI under the federal Freedom of Information Act, alleges that authorities mistook Kenneth Trentadue for a bombing conspirator and that guards killed him in an interrogation that got out of hand.
Trentadue's death a few months after the April 19, 1995, bombing

was ruled a suicide after several investigations. The government has adamantly denied any wrongdoing in the death.
In his affidavit, Nichols says he wants to bring closure to the survivors and families of the attack on the Alfred B. Murrah Federal Building, which took 168 lives. He alleges he wrote then-Attorney General John Ashcroft in 2004, offering to help identify all parties who played a role in the bombing but never got a reply.
Nichols is serving a life sentence at the U.S. Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility in Florence, Colo. McVeigh, who carried out the bombing, was executed in 2001. McVeigh and Nichols were the only defendants indicted in the bombing. However, Nichols alleges others were involved.
McVeigh told him he was recruited for undercover missions while serving in the military, according to Nichols. He says he learned sometime in 1995 that there had been a change in bombing target and that McVeigh was upset by that.

"There, in what I believe was an accidental slip of the tongue, McVeigh revealed the identity of a high-ranking FBI official who was apparently directing McVeigh in the bomb plot," Nichols says in the affidavit.

Nichols also says that McVeigh threatened him and his family to force him to rob Roger Moore, an Arkansas gun dealer, of weapons and explosives. He later learned the robbery was staged so Moore, who was in on the phony heist, could deny any knowledge of the bombing plot if the stolen items were traced back to him, Nichols claims.

He adds that Moore allegedly told his attorney that he would not be prosecuted in connection with the bombing because he was a "protected witness."

Moore could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

In addition, Nichols says McVeigh must have had help building the bomb. The device he and McVeigh built the day before the bombing did not resemble the one that ultimately was used, Nichols says, and "displayed a level of expertise and sophistication" that neither man had.

Tribune contact: pmanson@sltrib.com
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Feb 20, 2007

Al Qaeda' does not exist--A Government Fabrication

Since Al Qaeda' is back in the news again, it is absolutely essential that this propaganda is exposed. This BBC Report, a portion of the Power of Nightmare's helps set the record straight. FEAR is powerful and has been created, sparked by 9/11, to accomplish a pre-set agenda effecting both U.S. foreign policy and domestic government. [This is not an endorsement of the films view of who carried out 9/11, which is yet blamed on Islamic radicals, without any evidence whatsoever, and contrary to their own BBC reports that demonstrated that some of the "19 hijackers" are still alive! Bin Laden's denial of involvement in 9/11 was largely suppressed in America, except by CNN here--while the Bush administration claimed he "boasted". Needless to say denial is not boasting, and a later video of "Bin Laden" has been proven a deliberate lie to the American people.]

It will be noted how this propaganda perpetuates both paranoia (irrational fear, not based on reality) and influences FBI and other law enforcement agencies (like the recent incident in Boston for a cartoon promotion prank) into irrational and extreme conclusions, and over-reaction by authorities, leading to false arrests based upon mere allegation and false conclusions, lacking evidence sustainable in a court of law.

Now "conservative" (e.g. neo-con indoctrinated Mike Agnello) talk-radio always jumps on these stories as if they were gospel truth, in almost celebratory fashion as a vindication of their war-mongering, because they believe it fulfills their paranoid view of reality, and their insane promotion of a perpetual, unidentifiable "war on terrorism" (which kills more civilians than combatants, invading sovereign countries) and even the overthrow of Constitutional government under the pleas of "necessity" and "security"--a
dangerous move toward fascism. Here is a list of so-called and paranoid alleged "terror plots" news stories (including a cell phone arrest) that have ended up as erroneous and false, although you never read of a retracted story! The so-called "airline terror plot" (prior to the 2006 elections of course)--the one that resulted in paranoid and ridiculous "toiletry" search rules--resulted in not one prosecution on a charge of "terrorism", and several being released and cleared of any crimes. This is the danger, the government wants to be able to "kill on sight", or make war on demand, anyone they chose, as if they are infallible, instead of paranoid and irrational. This propaganda is dangerous and must be stopped for it leads to "shedding innocent blood" upon mere allegation based upon the same "there is no doubt" neonconservative deceit that Saddam was "amassing weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq and other "mushroom cloud" rhetoric.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed – and thus clamorous to be led to safety – by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
H.L. Mencken

Like WMD in Iraq--wars are being waged, and innocent people killed, based upon lies that feed this insane paranoia that must be stopped! The "conspiracy theories" that need to be denounced are the ones perpetrated on local talk radio that warn of "Islamo Fascism" and "jihadists that want to destroy America" (Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito).

"If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked". -- Solomon, Proverbs 29:12

And if a people believe the lies of their government and support its policies based upon those lies then the people are just as wicked, as well as the Generals and troops that unquestioningly obey its commands to "carry out orders" in an unjust war perpetrated on people that have offered no imminent threat to the U.S..
Heeding propaganda and lies always lead to the commission of evil, including unjust wars and unjust inquisitions.

See also this report:
FBI says, "No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11"

Feb 19, 2007

The Unjust War in Iraq--Murder, Inc.

While the radio talk show propaganda continues to glorify and pay tribute in an idolatrous way to American soldiers, forced into an unjust war, based upon lies and false pretenses, they paint over the very real nature of what is taking place. Behind U.S. foreign policy of the "war on terrorism", now in Iraq and Afghanistan primarily, is Murder, Inc., for that is what all unjust wars inevitably are. When did Iraq ever attack the United States? Pray tell, where is the right of America to invade a sovereign nation, overthrow its "regime" (based upon false allegations and outright lies), without the invitation of the Iraqi people, devastating its cities (Fallujah, et al), murdering its citizens (655,000 Iraqi's killed based upon the last research), claiming to fight "terrorists" (without evidence or proof again) while claiming to "liberate it"! The neoconservative Project for a New American Century already had Iraq, and Syria and Iran as well, in their cross-hairs in their report of September 2000, eagerly awaiting (we say preparing) a "catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor", to fuel a pretext for creating a "new middle east"--i.e. an American democratic jihad.

The article excerpted here, describes the reality (and not just the exceptions to the rule) behind the unjust war in Iraq, and why the deceitful propaganda of "support our troops", really means "support our unjust war", part of a "mission... to rid the world of evil", toward global democratic government by force of arms. Before anyone claims that such an article is "disrespectful to our men and women in uniform", let them refute the particular facts asserted as evidence of the writer's conclusion, particularly in regard to the "culture" of the military soldiers in combat. This is NOT "collateral damage" but wanton murder and mass killing of Iraqi's, frequently non-combatants. Often overlooked as well is the increasing and vocal dissent of American soldiers in the field, such as the one who wrote the popular article, "A YOUNG MARINE SPEAKS OUT".

Meanwhile, as Sen. Robert C. Byrd stated, the Senate, the most deliberative body in the world, is afraid to even debate the resolution against a surge in the Iraq war by a President who is in blatant contempt of the Constitution, and the principles of Christian justice of wars of self-defense alone, who could justly be called a tyrant, leading a "rogue government with WMD"--the very words used to describe the former U.S. puppet President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein.

The Americans seem particularly enthralled with shooting the wounded: here is some young savage, living proof that devolution is not just a concept, expounding on how "awesome" wanton murder is. He is the New American Man, invincibly ignorant, raised on rap music and violent video games, grinning boyishly at the prospect of a future of endless slaughter. He rides around the country, randomly firing on civilians, as if he were at one of those shoot-the-duck booths at the county fair.

They murder to a Satanic tune – "Dead bodies everywhere!" – while joyously creating havoccrushed by an American tank – and, boy, it sure looks like those Americans are having fun! That is how a sick, decadent people amuse themselves. wherever they roam. For allegedly stealing wood, an Iraqi taxi driver finds that his livelihood is

These "liberators" are war criminals, and it's only fitting that they have installed a government of death squads as their local satraps. As they and their allies rampage throughout Iraq, like angels of death, committing war crimes in the dark, the U.S. Congress "debates" a non-binding resolution – and the Senate cannot even bring itself to vote on a meaningless motion, never mind one that could actually end the slaughter.

By: Justin Raimondo

Feb 13, 2007

State-sponsored Gambling--Unconstitutional, Immoral, and Corrupt

West Virginia Constitutional Law Expert Confirms Table Games not Constitutional

West Virginia Government Betting Public Trust -- Compulsively Gambling to Increase State Revenue


Return letters from legislators:

I do not support gambling in any form.
Senator Mike Hall

Amen, I agree completely.
Vic [Sen. Vic Sprouse]

Thank you for your email regarding table games and the wealth of information you provided. I appreciate having the opportunity to explain my position.

In general, I am in opposition to the expansion of gambling in West Virginia. However, I realize that there are geographical regions in the state that have experienced the loss of manufacturing jobs where many citizens now depend on the gaming industry for employment. I believe those counties should have the opportunity to decide if gaming expansion is appropriate and acceptable. I must tell you, however, that in a local referendum in Kanawha County I would vote against the expansion of gambling.

I hope you now understand my position. I tend to support local referendums on issues which counties are in the better position to determine their own community standards.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Senator Brooks F. McCabe, Jr.
WV State Senate - 17th District

Letter to Senators email including the following new appeal, in addition to the original sent to Delegates:

WV Table Games Proven Unconstitutional and Immoral; Table Games are not "Lotteries"


LOTTERY: "A contest in which tokens are distributed or sold, the winning token or tokens being secretly predetermined or ultimately selected in a random drawing."

TABLE GAME - a game that is played on a table; GAME - a contest with rules to determine a winner"

--American Heritage Dictionary

Distinguished Senators,

Permit us a final appeal to you, and even to challenge the Senate's lawful authority to even attempt to legislate the table games bill (HB2718), for a leading distinguished Delegate, and democrat, challenged the constitutionally of the bill being considered (although more in regard to the state's management alone), and asserted that ONLY AN AMMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION FIRST would enable any LAWFUL consideration of a bill to authorize table games, or permit counties to vote on the issue. Can, therefore, the Senate lawfully consider passing a bill which the State Constitution, even ammended, does not provide for (that the House judiciary should not have even approved)? Does the governor have the authority to sign a bill which the ammended Constitution, as supreme law, forbids? Is the Constitution not of greater authority--no matter everyone's collective ambitions or desires for the state--than either the legislature, the voters, or the governor? Can any special interest or special industry (for the massive gambling industry is indeed special) receive extra-constititutional license just because the majority of the legislature (or even people in four counties) wants it? If the case can be shown to be unconstitutional will you attempt to circumvent the State Constitution for your collective desires, and commit legislative anarchy and rebellion against the supreme law? It appears that many are ready, without conscience, to do just that--but how is that legal? The answer of course is rhetorical for,
"A legislative act, contrary to the Constitution, is not law"
--Chief Justice John Marshall

Aside from the shame you should all have of legalizing vice, and for State profit, the legal definition of "lottery" (exhibit at Findlaw)--"distribution of property or money by lot or chance"--prevents the addition of table games in the bill now considered. Therefore it is a violation of your oaths of office to proceed with a bill clearly in violation of even the ammended constitition of West Virginia. The legislature can authorize only "lotteries", etc., the specific term in the state constitution's ammendment which in no way can be construed to include table or parlor games, therefore any legislation that seeks to authorize said games apart from an ammendment to the constitution is an illegal act, and will not hold up. Where, pray tell, are table games of various sorts given evidence of in the definition of "LOTTERIES"?--

LOTTERY: "A contest in which tokens are distributed or sold, the winning token or tokens being secretly predetermined or ultimately selected in a random drawing."

Table games are "contests with rules" to determine a winner. Table games are not "lotteries", they are not purchased "tokens" with the outcome distributed by mere "random drawings"! Bets are waged, players make choices along the way, and "games" are played, not mere "drawings". Is poker a "lottery"? Ask any gambler! It was the clear intention of the constitutional ammendment to permit only chance "lotteries" (the sole legal term), not wholesale "gaming", or it would have never been passed, a fact which the legislature knows full well. How this made it past the Judiciary Committee can only be due to willful rebellion or absolute deceit. Anyone seeking an injunction will be able to overturn it (and they will), unless the court is as corrupt as the legislative and executive branches presently appear. (God help us if the courts do not uphold the constitution). To blindly proceed with an illegal legislative act is anarchy and a violation of everyone's oath of office. The only way to lawfully introduce parlor games is by constitutional ammendment, not public referendum, which is merely an attempt at "mob law" to bypass the constitution, and that of a few counties.
Original Letter via email

"A legislative act, contrary to the Constitution, is not law"
--Chief Justice John Marshall

"Rob not the poor, because he is poor...for the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them."

"For the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil".
-- Holy Bible

"A fool and his money are soon parted".
-- unknown

defraud v. to use deceit, falsehoods or trickery to obtain money
--Webster's dictionary

Delegates and Senators,

Aside from the shame you should all have of legalizing vice, and for State profit, the legal definition of "lottery" (exhibit at Findlaw)--"distribution of property or money by lot or chance"--prevents the addition of table games in the bill now considered. Therefore it is a violation of your oaths of office to proceed with a bill clearly in violation of even the ammended constitition of West Virginia. The legislature can authorize only "lotteries", etc., the specific term in the state constitution's ammendment which in no way can be construed to include table or parlor games, therefore any legislation that seeks to authorize said games apart from an ammendment to the constitution is an illegal act, and will not hold up. It was the clear intention of the constitutional ammendment to permit only chance "lotteries", not wholesale "gaming", or it would have never been passed, a fact which the legislature knows full well. How this made it past the Judiciary Committee can only be due to willful rebellion or absolute deceit. Anyone seeking an injunction will be able to overturn it (and they will), unless the court is as corrupt as the legislative and executive branches presently appear. (God help us if the courts do not uphold the constitution). To blindly proceed with an illegal legislative act is anarchy and a violation of everyone's oath of office. The only way to lawfully introduce parlor games is by constitutional ammendment, not public referendum, which is merely an attempt at "mob law" to bypass the constitution, and that of a few counties.

It is also questionable whether gambling interests are actually engaged in what the constitution specifies as collective "bribery" (WV 6-45), for there is a promise of money, although collectively, in exchange for favor of official office, and for a specific industry otherwise illegal! (Maybe not just collectively either, dare we say. Do these interests contribute to campaigns? Other states were provided Mercedes for "government use" by the industry, e.g. Alabama). Violating the Constitution is illegal, and appears like a special favor, for a narrow "business" interest. Your oaths of office are violated if you proceed otherwise than a constitutional ammendment, and the state expanding into the gambling business is a sign of corruption and selling of the state's honor (whatever is left of it). The government is prostitituting itself by the bribe of government revenue, and the plea of "necessity", through legalizing a vice, contrary to the terms and spirit of the constitution against "bribery"! (And we know that "personally" the legislature is seeking to raise their own salaries, which this revenue would help achieve).

West Virginia currently is indeed "open for business"--i.e. open for plunder and pillage by any special interest that seeks entry, such as the huge gambling industry, for economic pragmatism (e.g. Mayor Danny Jones' argument, to the Governor's delight) appears to be the only rule, not the constitution, that is paid attention to. The government is NOT a business, but a minister (servant) of justice in the public trust! To run government to maximize revenue (not merely containing costs within budget) is not the purpose of government. The fact that organized gambling is otherwise illegal in the state proves the State's hypocrisy in attempting to legalize it in exchange for a "piece of the action". Such a government can be said to be involved in organized crime, making an exception only for itself under pretext of "the common good". Contrary to the commercial, "very bad things happen when you play the West Virginia lottery" or the gambling game in government.

Gambling has historically and rightly been classified as "defrauding" people out of money (an admitted fool's scam where the house always wins), tempting them on the (mathematically improbable) chance to "throw in their money" on impulse alone, in an irresponsible and immoral act of utter foolishness. It therefore falls under both the 8th and 10th commandments of the holy Bible (stealing or defrauding and coveting thy neighbors money), requiring remedy by restitution to the victim of "stealing" under the Great Legislator of the Universe, adminstered by Moses. "Consent" to gamble does not make the business of seductive defrauding just, and those who do are termed "fools" (i.e. a fool and his money are soon parted), an epitaph apparently West Virginia does not fear promoting. For those biggots who hate the Bible consider Egypt and Rome. Egyptian law clearly indicates that gambling was not tolerated, but was in fact, punishable by sentence to work in the quarries! In the pagan Roman empire it was considered unjust, and the mark of the worst of tyrants, like Caligula. Yet the governor and legislators of West Virginia think themselves more wise than the sages of Egypt or Rome, or even Moses or Solomon? Sirs, madams, reconsider your thinking in light of moral history, and the wisdom of the Bible and even pagan legislators. Are you wiser than Solomon? How so? Indeed, "the love (inordinate desire for) money is the root of all sorts of evil", and the government's lust for revenue breeds corruption, and is a mark of the worst of tyrannical and oppressive governments.

Gambling tempts the desperate poor especially, holding a false promise of hope, where mathematically there is none, therefore constitutes "robbing the poor" whom the Lord threatens, according to Solomon above, to avenge on their "spoilers" (looters) and oppressors, including their governments! Does West Virginia wish to tempt the poor into losing their all? Such strong and just language from the holy Bible ought be bring some fear on those in government who dare to transgress and breach that moral law, especially if they claim to believe the "Ten Commandments". Gambling preys most upon the poor to which the state will be an oppressor, clearly not in the "public interest". Pray tell, where are the advocates for the poor now? Will the State next authorize and "take a cut" in pyramid schemes, that work on similar principle, the inevitability of losers? What is the difference--where will it end once the lid is off Pandora's box?

The West Virginia Lottery advertising (using friendly-sounding folk songs) on WCHS and West Virginia radio (profitting them as well; the odds should be disclosed in all ads) is also therefore deceitful and corrupt, like the Greek sirens summoning the foolish, ear-tickled sailors to the rocks of destruction, and "play responsibly" can only really mean not to play at all. For the State to be directly involved in sharing the filthy lucre of organized defrauding for profit makes the government immoral and corrupt, no matter how good the music sounds.

We are watching you all closely. Shame will be on the governor and any legislator who dishonors their oath of office for such coveteous, constitutional anarchy and treachery that corrupts the government. Disrespect and righteous disobedience to such a corrupt government can be expected in return that does not uphold its own constitution and supreme law which violates the public trust. When government breaks covenant with the people, the people have a right to a just divorce from it, if it cannot be ammended. Remember that the people outnumber the government, which is to be a servant of the people's interests ("a minister of God to do good"), and you rely on taxes from the people to exist, who might one day say "enough". History testifies that this is true. Woe unto a government that instead of prosecuting vice, protects, defends, and even "aids and abets" it!

The State is in this "table game" legislation gambling with the public trust and expanding a "racket", and if it proceeds by violating its constitution in the end it will lose.

Americans Have Lost Their Country -- Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts
was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review.

February 28, 2007

Americans Have Lost Their Country

By Paul Craig Roberts

The Bush-Cheney regime is America’s first neoconservative regime. In a few short years, the regime has destroyed the Bill of Rights, the separation of powers, the Geneva Conventions, and the remains of America’s moral reputation along with the infrastructures of two Muslim countries and countless thousands of Islamic civilians. Plans have been prepared, and forces moved into place, for an attack on a third Islamic country, Iran, and perhaps Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon as well.

This extraordinary aggressiveness toward the US Constitution, international law, and the Islamic world is the work, not of a vast movement, but of a handful of ideologues—principally Vice President Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Lewis Libby, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Elliott Abrams, Zalmay Khalilzad, John Bolton, Philip Zelikow, and Attorney General Gonzales. These are the main operatives who have controlled policy. They have been supported by their media shills at the Weekly Standard, National Review, Fox News, New York Times, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal editorial page and by "scholars" in assorted think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute.

The entirety of their success in miring the United States in what could become permanent conflict in the Middle East is based on the power of propaganda and the big lie.

Initially, the 9/11 attack was blamed on Osama bin Laden, but after an American puppet was installed in Afghanistan, the blame for 9/11 was shifted to Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, who was said to have weapons of mass destruction that would be used against America. The regime sent Secretary of State Colin Powell to tell the lie to the UN that the Bush-Cheney regime had conclusive proof of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

Having conned the UN, Congress, and the American people, the regime invaded Iraq under totally false pretenses and with totally false expectations. The regime’s occupation of Iraq has failed in a military sense, but the neoconservatives are turning their failure into a strategic advantage. At the beginning of this year President Bush began blaming Iran for America’s embarrassing defeat by a few thousand lightly armed insurgents in Iraq.

Bush accuses Iran of arming the Iraqi insurgents, a charge that experts regard as improbable. The Iraqi insurgents are Sunni. They inflict casualties on our troops, but spend most of their energy killing Iraqi Shi’ites, who are closely allied with Iran, which is Shi’ite. Bush’s accusation requires us to believe that Iran is arming the enemies of its allies.

On the basis of this absurd accusation—a pure invention—Bush has ordered a heavy concentration of aircraft carrier attack forces off Iran’s coast, and he has moved US attack planes to Turkish bases and other US bases in countries contingent to Iran.

In testimony before Congress on February 1 of this year, former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski said that he expected the regime to orchestrate a "head-on conflict with Iran and with much of the world of Islam at large." He said a plausible scenario was "a terrorist act blamed on Iran, culminating in a ‘defensive’ US military action against Iran." He said that the neoconservative propaganda machine was already articulating a "mythical historical narrative" for widening their war against Islam.[Testimony in PDF]

Why is the US spending one trillion dollars on wars, the reasons for which are patently false. What is going on?

There are several parts to the answer. Like their forebears among the Jacobins of the French Revolution, the Bolsheviks of the communist revolution, and the National Socialists of Hitler’s revolution, neoconservatives believe that they have a monopoly on virtue and the right to impose hegemony on the rest of the world. Neoconservative conquests began in the Middle East because oil and Israel, with which neocons are closely allied, are both in the Middle East.

The American oil giant, UNOCAL, had plans for an oil and gas pipeline through Afghanistan, but the Taliban were not sufficiently cooperative. The US invasion of Afghanistan was used to install Hamid Karzai, who had been on UNOCAL’s payroll, as puppet prime minister. US neoconservative Zalmay Khalilzad, who also had been on UNOCAL’s payroll, was installed as US ambassador to Afghanistan.

Two years later Khalilzad was appointed US ambassador to Iraq. American oil companies have been given control over the exploitation of Iraq’s oil resources.

The Israeli relationship is perhaps even more important. In 1996 Richard Perle and the usual collection of neocons proposed that all of Israel’s enemies in the Middle East be overthrown. "Israel’s enemies" consist of the Muslim countries not in the hands of US puppets or allies. For decades Israel has been stealing Palestine from the Palestinians such that today there is not enough of Palestine left to comprise an independent country. The US and Israeli governments blame Iran, Iraq, and Syria for aiding and abetting Palestinian resistance to Israel’s theft of Palestine.

The Bush-Cheney regime came to power with the plans drawn to attack the remaining independent countries in the Middle East and with neoconservatives in office to implement the plans. However, an excuse was required. Neoconservatives had called for "a new Pearl Harbor," and 9/11 provided the propaganda event needed in order to stampede the public and Congress into war. Neoconservative Philip Zelikow was put in charge of the 9/11 Commission Report to make certain no uncomfortable facts emerged.

The neoconservatives have had enormous help from the corporate media, from Christian evangelicals, particularly from the "Rapture Evangelicals," from flag-waving superpatriots, and from the military-industrial complex whose profits have prospered. But the fact remains that the dozen men named in the second paragraph above were able to overthrow the US Constitution and launch military aggression under the guise of a preventive/preemptive "war against terrorism."

When the American people caught on that the "war on terror" was a cloak for wars of aggression, they put Democrats in control of Congress in order to apply a brake to the regime’s warmongering. However, the Democrats have proven to be impotent to stop the neoconservative drive to wider war and, perhaps, world conflagration.

We are witnessing the triumph of a dozen evil men over American democracy and a free press.


Paul Craig Roberts [email him] was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration. He is the author of Supply-Side Revolution : An Insider's Account of Policymaking in Washington; Alienation and the Soviet Economy and Meltdown: Inside the Soviet Economy, and is the co-author with Lawrence M. Stratton of The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice. Click here for Peter Brimelow’s Forbes Magazine interview with Roberts about the recent epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct.

Cheney Pushing for Iran Attack, Report Says

It should be kept in mind that Vice President Richard Cheney was a full member in the neoconservative think tank (the secretive cabal) that runs White House and Pentagon policy (via the rogue Office of Special Plans), the Project for a New American Century, whose blueprint for the middle east and war plans, preconceived in September 2000, are being pushed ahead before Bush's term expires.

Cheney Pushing for Iran Attack, Report Says
01:56 Feb 11, '07 / 23 Shevat 5767

(IsraelNN.com) Several senior members of the Bush administration are pushing for the United States to attack Iran, the British Guardian newspaper said in a report over the weekend.

According to the report, the deployment of forces to the Persian Gulf would allow the opening of an Iranian front by the spring - but it was unlikely that any attack would take place before 2008, when U.S. President George W. Bush finishes his term of office.

The report said that Bush had not yet decided on whether to move forward with the attack, but that Vice-President Dick Cheney, among others, was strongly advocating such an attack in order top halt Iran's nuclear weapons development program.

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Feb 12, 2007





Natural Citizenship and Presumption of Innocence Ends,
Federal Fascism Begins

Maine recently initiated State resistance to REAL ID, demanding its repeal, a rebellion which has now spread to several others, and it is now under debate in over thirty states. Montana also just passed two bills recently Nullifying REAL ID and refusing to impose it on their citizens.

Typical of all the legislation of this post-9/11 New Government the truth is buried, and openly warred upon, about the fact that this does in fact create a federalized driver's license and a National ID card, that is not constitutionally lawful, is not justified by any evidence (but allegations alone), and will not prevent either terrorism or illegal immigration problems. Neither should State DMVs be turned into Gestapo-type customs and naturalization centers, nor should "free Americans" be pre-booked as criminals upon arrest, their private documents searched and seized, and their biometrics taken, as a condition of driving, let alone to board an aircraft or train. This is the most anti-constitutional and fascist legislation to establish a Police State government that has ever been passed since Lincoln's martial law. Perhaps the best description of REAL ID legislation and what it establishes is by republican Congressman Ron Paul (TX) in his article
National ID Cards Won't Stop Terrorism or Illegal Immigration.

Now the West Virginia constitution reinforces the federal constitution's 10th Amendment in no uncertain terms, anticipating more federalization or attempts at martial law following the Civil War, and makes it a clear duty of the governor to resist any federal "encroachment" upon the state's "internal government and police":

The government of the United States is a government of enumerated [i.e. limited] powers, and all powers not delegated to it, nor inhibited to the states, are reserved to the states or to the people thereof. Among the powers so reserved to the states is their EXCLUSIVE REGULATION OF THEIR OWN INTERNAL GOVERNMENT AND POLICE; AND IT IS THE HIGH AND SOLEMN DUTY OF THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS OF GOVERNMENT, CREATED BY THIS CONSTITUTION, TO GUARD AND PROTECT THE PEOPLE OF THIS STATE FROM ALL [FEDERAL] ENCROACHMENTS UPON THE RIGHTS SO RESERVED.

-- West Virginia State Constitution, Article I, CON 1-2 Internal Government and Police.

Therefore, it is the "solemn duty" of West Virginia government to "guard and protect" West Virginians, and resist and nullify REAL ID legislation as a federal "encroachment" upon "internal government and police", copying and imitating Montana's Bill of Nullification [pdf] (which the Governor as Chief Magistrate has the executive authority to do himself), and further sue the Federal government for right of "free" West Virginians to travel, fly, take trains, etc. without the Federal "mark" of approval, and freedom from total information surveillance, contrary to the 4th Amendment to be "secure" in our private effects from government intrusion.

"Mountaineers are always free" ... only if they resist REAL ID!