Dec 26, 2012

Why 'Gun Control' Legislation Is Both Irrational and Dangerous

The facts about guns, crime, mass shootings, and gun control are very different than what the media has often portrayed.  (By the way, the media loves the viewer and readership ratings of mass shootings and like tragic events which they splash across their newscasts and headlines for days after to retain their audience and ratings and increase ad revenues).  The entire public, and especially Senator Joe Manchin and The Gazette in particular, should pay close attention to this thoughtful and apolitical analysis about gun control and its faulty premise.  This is a refreshing non-partisan look at this volatile issue which analyzes the facts from sound sources in a dispassionate manner for thoughtful consideration.  The facts themselves will surprise many.

Did you know that mass shootings have not increased over the last few decades?  Did you know that most every mass shooting took place in a "gun free zone", where other people could not be armed even with a concealed carry permit?   Did you know that "gun control" really is only gun centralization and disarms the innocent while not preventing criminals from obtaining or using them?  Those and many other important facts are related in this excellent analysis for the public and Congress to carefully consider before trying to legislate a "fix" for mass shootings, which in fact would make everyone more unsafe and vulnerable instead.

It is also unconstitutional, per the Second Amendment, of course to prevent the obtaining and bearing of personal arms (which the Supreme Court recently ruled on striking down some municipal laws on handgun restrictions) and every political officer (local, State and Federal) has sworn to "defend and protect" the laws in the Constitution as a condition for entering and remaining in office.  They should all be held accountable and the media should not entice them to violate their constitutional oaths.  That accountability is what makes Sen. Joe Manchin so afraid of what he said, and then said again with Hoppy on West Virginia talk radio (i.e. he was for a ban on assault weapons or clips before he was against it), and why he appears to be trying to get the NRA to compromise with him (to shield him) for a (pretended) "solution", which is unachievable by gun control methods.  Even President Obama has tread softly (with the subtlety of a serpent) on this issue; publicly that is.

Watch it and spread it.