Dec 26, 2009

Bush's Final Report Card: Biggest Spender Since LBJ

Fair and balanced analysis from Cato Institute. Republicans need to confess this if they expect to have any credibility in criticizing Obama's liberal spending. The American people are sick of bi-partisan lying and hypocritical finger-pointing

Obama's first report card, where all spending is under his watch, will not be available until next year, 2010 (which should be a doozy too).

President George W. Bush’s last year was fiscal 2009. Outlays that year were $3.522 trillion, according to the CBO. However, $108 billion was spending for the 2009 economic stimulus package passed under President Obama.Bush was thus roughly responsible for $3.414 trillion of spending in 2009, which includes outlays for the financial bailouts enacted under his watch.

George W. Bush: Biggest Spender Since LBJ

Figure 1 shows the average increase in total spending under recent presidents. Bush II was the biggest spender since LBJ. His spending increases were far larger than the three prior presidents.
Of course, presidents share spending power with Congress and it is easier for presidents to control discretionary spending than entitlement spending. Nonetheless, the results in these charts reflect the general spending approach taken by the presidents quite well.
Figure 2 shows total federal spending without interest payments. Presidents have the least discretionary control over interest. The biggest spenders by this measure were again LBJ and Bush II.
The Congressional Budget Office has released final budget numbers for fiscal year 2009. The numbers allow us to take a last look at the Bush administration’s record on spending from a statistical point of view.
he presided over an 83-percent increase in overall federal spending

Mandatory Provision of Health Care Bill is Authoritarian, Unconstitutional

Liberals and Conservatives Question Constitutionality of Healthcare Legislation

Both progressives and conservatives question the constitutionality of the healthcare bill. Specifically, people from across the aisle say that the government cannot force people to buy private health insurance.

On the left, progressives such as law school professor Sheldon Laskin, anti-war activist David Swanson, and Miles Mogulescu are calling the bill authoritarian and unconstitutional.

On the right, Senators John Ensign, Mike Johanns, Lindsay Graham and Jim DeMint and the state attorneys general of Michigan, Washington, South Carolina, and perhaps other several other states are contesting the constitutionality of the mandatory insurance provision in the healthcare bill.

Both liberals and conservatives are challenging its Constitutionality.

To claim to "provide health insurance for thousands of Americans", by simply making it mandatory and threatening a fine (as the Senate bill does) is not a "public service", but tyranny.

Listen to this powerful argument, from the left (David Swanson):
The Constitution provides Congress with certain enumerated powers in Article I and explicitly leaves all other powers to the states or the people in the 10th Amendment. So, the constitutional question, for those who still care whether laws are constitutional, is whether the power to force you to buy a horrible product you do not want from a disreputable monopolistic corporation that pays regular bribes to your elected representatives in the form of campaign "contributions" is specifically listed anywhere in Article I.
Great point, is it not?

Dec 25, 2009

A Christmas Day Sermon 1758: Christmas a "Superstitious" Custom

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A Christmas-Day Sermon.
This sermon was delivered on December 25, 1758.
THIS is the day which the church of Rome, and some other churches that deserve to be placed in better company have agreed to celebrate in memory of the Prince of Peace, the Savior ofmen, the incarnate God, Immanuel.
Now that there is not the least appearance in all the Bible of the Divine appointment of Christmas, to celebrate the birth of Christ, is granted by all parties; and the Divine authority is not so much as pretended for it. Therefore, a Bible-Christian is not at all bound to observe it.
...for at least three hundred years, did not observe any day in commemoration of the birth of Christ.
...if a day should be religiously observed in memory of the birth of Christ, it ought to be that day on which he was born. But that day, and even the month and the year, are altogether uncertain.
Finally, superstition is a very growing evil; and therefore the first beginnings of it ought to be prevented.

The early American pastors preached-up "liberty" from this unbiblical custom as a "tradition of men"! This renowned Presbyterian pastor, Samuel Davies, just prior to the American Revolution, demonstrates in this sermon the "superstition" of Christmas, while preaching about the incarnation or nativity of Christ, entirely different than is done today.

He expands:

Chrysostom, who lived in the fourth century, has these words, “It is not yet ten years, since this day, that is, Christmas, was plainly known to us;” and he observes, the custom was brought to Constantinople from Rome. Now since this day was not religiously observed in the church in the first and purest ages, but was introduced as superstitions increased, and Christianity began to degenerate very fast into popery; ought not we to imitate the purity of these primitive times, and retain none of the superstitious observances of more corrupt ages?

After all it was for "Christian liberty", free from the tyranny and corruption of both the Roman Catholic Church, and more particularly the Church of England, that the Pilgrims, Puritans of New England, Presbyterians and Baptists fled to America for.

18th century American society also did not commonly employ decorated trees (a pagan custom, largely from Norway in recent history, but of Babylonian origin) if they did observe Christmas.   Early American christians and pastors would be shocked at the even grosser corruptions that have been incorporated into this Christianized paganism which Constantine first established (for political reasons to unite the Roman Empire as Christianity grew popular), which has been blasphemously labeled "Christ-mass".

The date of December 25th is proven by Rev. Samuel Davies in this sermon to be an impossible date for the "birthday of Jesus", where he even references the change of Calendar in those early American years.


 The Wall Street Journal gets the history right:

...By the middle of the 19th century, most Protestant churches were, once again, celebrating Christmas as a religious holiday. The reason, again, had more to do with marketing than theology: They were afraid of losing congregants to other Christmas-celebrating denominations.

In 1870, President Ulysses S. Grant signed into law a bill making the secular Christmas a civil holiday because its celebration had become universal in this country popularized.
So the Civil War was followed by a Yankee "establishment of religion" and a particular worship, contrary to the Constitution, by force of law, trampling dissenting Christians biblical and theologically-consistent beliefs.  (And they wonder why we complain that our religious beliefs, though historically vindicated, are trampled for that of the corrupted majority of American church-ianity).  This history also highlights the corruption of the churches (i.e. marketing over theology), which has only gotten worse to the present day, which is self-evident during the holiday season in particular.

Dec 18, 2009

COPENHAGEN LIVE -- Live Streaming Video of COP15

Live Stream of Copenhagen Climate Summit.  [Update:  This is now their canned rebroadcast, Press Pause to silence].  

We did some "live blogging" as the day unfolded:

5:13am EST -- Obama meeting away from Summit in Hotel with 26 heads of state to "broker a deal".

5:15am EST -- Delegates debating text to include "Mother Earth". (This represents pantheism--i.e. global religion in the text).

5:56am EST -- PM of Denmark opens, talks about "Climate Threat" of "global warming"--while referring to the snow storm outside as "different reality".

6:00 am EST -- UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, "seize the time" now.

6:05 am EST -- Premier of People's Republic of China (Communist state)..."China was first country to adopt climate change formula." (i.e. copy us communists)

(This post was NOT an endorsement of the Summit or the commentary, but only to "keep watch" in the public interest).
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Dec 14, 2009

The Truth About CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) vs. "Climate" Hysteria

CO2 is NOT a pollutant--it's natural and essential for life! Maybe those who cry loudest against CO2 should save or hold their breath, literally, since they are expelling so much CO2 in their political propaganda, while attempting to overthrow civilization.

Any government, whether national or global, that attempts to regulate the necessities of life (including your own breathing!), is erecting the largest tyranny of all.
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The carbon footprint concept has resulted in the EPA proposal that carbon dioxide (CO2) is a pollutant. It is not a pollutant, but is essential for life on earth.

Dec 12, 2009

House Passes Bill to Audit the Fed

There is a very silver lining in the rather dark cloud of financial reform legislation the U.S. House just passed. This would be a historical first and could bring real change. This is a first step toward Congress finally exercising its Constitutional authority over the PRIVATE Federal Reserve Bank System, which has never before been held accountable for anything. Now if only the Senate does the same.

This is Ron Paul's legislation to Audit the Fed, remember. Yes, the one the neo-republicans tried to excommunicate during the presidential primaries for RINOs like Romney, Huckabee, and McCain instead. Capito signed onto this legislation as a sponsor on April 1st, the same day Thomas Woods was interviewed on WCHS 58Live Talk Radio, which we blogged with a recorded podcast here.

There is enough bipartisan support in the Congress very likely to overcome an Obama Veto (since thus far he has shilled for the Banksters, with the help of former New York Federal Reserve Bank Chairman, Timothy Geithner.)

Friday, December 11, 2009

House Passes Bill to Audit the Fed

I have just received confirmation from a very credible Congressional source that the bill to audit the Federal Reserve is included in the House financial reform legislation which passed today. My source says:
The Fed audit provision which passed the Financial Services Committee a few weeks ago is part of the bill. This is a real milestone, as it means that the full House of Representatives has passed a bill that mandates a complete audit of the Fed.
The effort to audit the Fed - supported by 79% of the American people - is gaining traction.
My source says that it will take a couple of days for the GAO to assemble all of the amendments into a single text.
In the meantime, you can view the version of the bill provided by Congress' Thomas website here or here.

Dec 11, 2009

Clarifying the Climate Change Controversy

Cato Institute weighs in with an excellent summary that clarifies the confusing issue of the Climate Change controversy here: A Few Notes on Climate Change

1. The Earth’s climate is constantly changing. The climate was changing in the past, is changing now and, obviously, will be changing in the future – as long as our planet exists.

2. Climatic changes are largely cyclical in nature. There are various time horizons of climatic cycles – from the annual cycle known to everyone to cycles of 65-70 years, of 1,300 years, or of 100,000 years (the so called Milankovitch cycles).

3. There is no fundamental disagreement among scientists, public figures and governments about the fact that the climate is changing. There is a broad consensus that climate changes occur constantly. The myth, created by climate alarmists, that their opponents deny climate change is sheer propaganda.

4. Current debate among climatologists, economists and public figures is not about the fact of climate change, but about other issues. In particular, disagreements exist on:
- Comparative levels of modern day temperatures (relative to the historically observed),
- The direction of climate change depending on the length of record,
- The extent of climate change,
- The rate of climate change,
- Causes of climate change,
- Forecasts of climate change,
- Consequences of climate change,
- The optimal strategy for human beings to respond to climate change.


Dec 7, 2009

December 7, 1941: Day of Deceit--FDR and Pearl Harbor

FDR deliberately set up a plan to provoke Japan into attacking the US Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor (where they sat as ducks in this new forward position, resisted by Naval commanders for that very reason), in order to force reluctant Americans into war with Germany.
Throughout 1941, FDR implemented the remaining seven provocations. He then gauged [monitored] Japanese reaction through intercepted and decoded communications intelligence originated by Japan’s diplomatic and military leaders.

The island nation’s militarists used the provocations to seize control of Japan and organized their military forces for war against the U.S., Great Britain, and the Netherlands. The centerpiece – the Pearl Harbor attack – was leaked to the U.S. in January 1941. During the next 11 months, the White House followed the Japanese war plans through the intercepted and decoded diplomatic and military communications intelligence.
The sinking of the USS West Virginia, then, can be laid at the feet of President Roosevelt, in order to provoke West Virginians and Americans into war in the European (as well as Japanese) theater which they had resisted.
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7, 1941 . . . a Day of Deceit
week, as Americans remember those 2403 men, women, and children
killed – and 1178 wounded – in the Japanese attack on
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941, recently released government
documents concerning that "surprise" raid compel us to
revisit some troubling questions.
There are
two questions at the top of the foreknowledge list: (1) whether
President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his top military chieftains
provoked Japan into an "overt act of war" directed at
Hawaii, and (2) whether Japan’s military plans were obtained in
advance by the United States but concealed from the Hawaiian military

Roosevelt believed that provoking Japan into an attack on Hawaii
was the only option he had in 1941 to overcome the powerful America
First non-interventionist movement led by aviation hero Charles
Lindbergh. These anti-war views were shared by 80 percent of the
American public
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The "New Pearl Harbor"--Defense Secretary Robert Gates: "No Hard Intel on Bin Laden in Years"

In this breaking FOX News video they bring in a former CIA operative (from the spook archives) to do some serious Spinning to explain why Defense Secretary Gates (under both Bush and Obama) said that there has been "no hard intelligence" on Osama Bin Laden "in years"--despite all the "video tapes" and "audio tapes" released to the media (by private neocon "intelligence" firms)!

Watch him weave and dodge this public admission of the man blamed for September 11th (but now swapped for KSM, presently in New York for a 9/11 Show Trial, after being waterboarded 183 times into a "confession" as a patsy), even though the FBI has stated they have "no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to September 11th"!

Of course, after December 2001 (when Bin Laden was reported dead by FOX News also), Bush no longer cared about Bin Laden either (see video on the side of this blog). Keeping this phantom "alive" but unfound has made perfect propaganda for perpetual "war on terrorism", especially in Afghanistan.

Dec 4, 2009

The Police State Continues to Expand Its Powers

Note the newest technology is being deployed locally where the 4th amendment which defends against unreasonable search or seizure of personal data is trampled, under the usual pretense of "motor vehicle records". The danger to privacy and freedom is greater than this scenario too, for it will not be long before this automated license plate reader will not only pull up vehicle registration and DMV records, but delve into the driver's personal history (via REAL ID or PASS ID data-mining via the SSN number), as the Surveillance State expands.

Dec 2, 2009

Barack W. Bush--Obama's "Preventive War" in Afghanistan

Obushma's Afghanistan war policy--the BUSH DOCTRINE CONTINUES. The word "terrorism" was hardly invoked, but "essential for our national interests....and attacks on our HOMELAND" implied the same thing. It's still all about the 9/11, and only the rhetoric has changed slightly.

See Rachel Maddow's MSNBC video analysis about Obama's Nobel Peace Prize and proof that the Bush Doctrine continues. Powerful analysis.
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Afghanistan: Barack W. Bush?

Afghanistan: Barack W. Bush?

With his plans for an Afghanistan troop surge, some say Obama is embracing the "extremist" war policies of George W. Bush

Obama's plan evokes Bush at his most despicable:
"This year's Nobel Peace laureate just escalated the war in Afghanistan for the second time," says Rachel Maddow on her MSNBC talk show. Though Obama tried to frame the troop increase in his own terms, he called Afghanistan a preventative war. And "that's the Bush doctrine in all its Orwellian extremism…the concept of America at war, globally, indefinitely, against anyone at our own digression." (Watch the clip from "The Rachel Maddow Show")
Same words, different president: If you compare Obama's Tuesday’s address with Bush’s January 2007 speech outlining his Iraq "surge," says Glenn Greenwald in Salon, you’d be hard pressed to find anything "new and innovative" in Obama’s rhetoric.

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