Dec 7, 2009

The "New Pearl Harbor"--Defense Secretary Robert Gates: "No Hard Intel on Bin Laden in Years"

In this breaking FOX News video they bring in a former CIA operative (from the spook archives) to do some serious Spinning to explain why Defense Secretary Gates (under both Bush and Obama) said that there has been "no hard intelligence" on Osama Bin Laden "in years"--despite all the "video tapes" and "audio tapes" released to the media (by private neocon "intelligence" firms)!

Watch him weave and dodge this public admission of the man blamed for September 11th (but now swapped for KSM, presently in New York for a 9/11 Show Trial, after being waterboarded 183 times into a "confession" as a patsy), even though the FBI has stated they have "no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to September 11th"!

Of course, after December 2001 (when Bin Laden was reported dead by FOX News also), Bush no longer cared about Bin Laden either (see video on the side of this blog). Keeping this phantom "alive" but unfound has made perfect propaganda for perpetual "war on terrorism", especially in Afghanistan.