Sep 17, 2012

Libyan Embassy Attack: A Case of Classic "Blowback" from Interventionist Foreign Policy

In this video commentary from a regional Fox station below the journalist proves very well that the tragic attack and killing of the U.S. Embassy Ambassador in Libya is a classic case of what the CIA calls "blow-back" (i.e. unintended consequences of foreign interventions).  It could also be called the short-sightedness of an interventionist foreign policy.

In other words, the vehement protests and even more serious and deadly attacks being televised by all news agencies are the direct result of bad short term thinking and foreign policy decisions--i.e. meddling in the Middle East, picking winners and losers, in attempt to further "democracy" by revolutions, propping up Arab Spring uprisings and recently overthrowing Gaddafi in Libya in particular by the U.S. and NATO. 

Please note as well, that as during Arab Spring, and sanctions and threatenings against Iran by the U.S. and Israel, tumult in the Middle East (now in the embassy protests and attack) always directly increases oil prices (as traded in the markets, see live chart in upper corner of blog), immediately increasing the gas and fuel prices for all Americans, which immediately causes inflation on all consumers goods.  So yes, foreign policy again directly impacts our domestic tranquility, and lack of it, through its indirect impact upon the economy.  It is a law and maxim that what goes around, indeed, comes back around.  When will Americans learn this connection collectively and demand a change from interventionist foreign policy, particularly in regard to the Middle East?  It is impossible to separate Economic Issues from those of Foreign Policy and "Defense Spending" (as both Obama and Romney as presidential candidates do) as sure as it is to ignore it in regard to the National Debt as well.  (See our earlier articles about Middle East foreign policy and oil prices).

It's time to stop government spending of tax payer's money (increasing the National Debt) on what is called "foreign aid" (as if it's done out of charity instead of manipulation) to all foreign countries (yes, including Israel too) or propping up foreign governments, or helping to destroy others through 'Defense' Spending.  Please note that Al Qaeda began as a CIA supported network to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan!  It's also time for both republicans and democrats to see how tumultuous "democracy" really is in its raw militant form (i.e. mob law), and reject it as a utopian political model, as both James Madison and philosophers as far back as Plato (see quote from Plato's Republic in margin of blog), warned about.  (Hint:  A Muslim form of Democracy is now forming in the Middle East.  How do you like it now?)  There are no checks and balances (as with a Republic) in pure Democracies, which always depend upon coercion and violence to "liberate" some while enslaving others, whether by the majority or the militant minority.  The result is the typical factions we see in the Middle East forming and the violent consequences of such power-struggles. News, Weather

Sep 16, 2012

Obama's Liberal Drone Wars: The Real Reason Behind U.S. Embassy Protests, Attacks?

As this article puts it:

What's behind anti-US protests in Yemen?

One thing seems clear: it probably isn't a YouTube video that has protestors in Yemen so angry....Frustration with the US has been building up for some time now, and probably has very little to do with the film controversy. They're incredibly angry with the US over civilian deaths in drone strikes and how the State Department handled the uprising, supporting a settlement that granted former president Ali Abdullah Saleh immunity from prosecution.

 This video from Newsy puts the Obama administration's drone strikes in perspective, even as compared to those of former President Bush.