May 19, 2010

Tea Party 3, GOP Establishment 0 -- Rand Paul Wins Mandate

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It's tea party vs. GOP establishment in Kentucky
FRANKFORT, Ky. — The tea party is looking to the Kentucky Derby state to finish off its own Triple Crown of victories.
Fresh off its successes in Florida and Utah, the movement is a driving force behind the Senate candidacy of Rand Paul, the son of liberterian presidential candidate Ron Paul. The younger Paul, a small-town eye doctor with no elective experience, is up against the GOP establishment — well-funded primary rival Trey Grayson, Kentucky's secretary of state, who has the backing of the biggest GOP name in the Bluegrass State, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.
A Paul win in Tuesday's primary would be the strongest sign yet that the tea party activists are on a roll after defeating three-term Sen. Bob Bennett in Utah last Saturday and forcing once popular Florida Gov. Charlie Crist to abandon the GOP for an independent Senate bid last month.
Rand Paul's primary victory of 60 to 35 % sends a clear message. This ought to wake up the GOP establishment, for a 3rd time. McCain is next to take a dive...wait for it...

Paul's opponent in the Ky senate primary was endorsed by McConnell (Senate minority leader), Romney, Giuliani, and a complete neocon war chest of money complete with slanderous ad campaign....all of which were impotent compared to grass roots thinking. The establishment's mud-slinging ended up on them for a change...which is refreshing. (Ron Paul sent a letter out saying they were trying to "Swift Boat" his son).

But the spin machine is already in high gear...articles broke just before the election (when it became obvious who would win) that the "GOP establishment warms to Paul" save their deceitful skins.

Romney showed his true colors by endorsing and campaigning for the wrong candidate, proving that Romney is not all that popular as a GOP presidential candidate at grass roots.