Aug 14, 2010

Why Americans Detest Government: 'Putting Government First' - HUMAN EVENTS

Pat Buchanan hits the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to what average Americans think about government, both federal and state, and also why the "tea party" movement has put both political parties in the cross-hairs (including party chairmen, as the recent West Virginia GOP change demonstrated), since neither of them get it:

Putting Government First - HUMAN EVENTS

Hence, we have a situation where private sector workers in Middle America are being taxed, their children being driven ever deeper into debt to China, so government employees who have greater job security than they do, and earn more in pay and benefits than they will ever earn, can stay in Fat City.
And folks wonder why so many Americans detest government....
...Remarkable. U.S. government workers, who enjoy the greatest job security of any Americans, now earn twice as much in pay and benefits as the average American. This is not the D.C. some of us grew up in.
Nor is this all Obama's doing. For most of the fat years of the federal work force came while Washington was being run by a Congress of Big-Government Conservatives and a White House of Bush-Cheney Republicans.
No wonder the tea party is targeting both parties.