Oct 11, 2013

Western Maryland Counties Talk Secession. Become Mountaineers or Subtract Eastern Panhandle?

This could become very interesting.  For it may in fact turn out to be what the Eastern Panhandle has been waiting for (see the WSAZ article), i.e. the opportunity to secede from the "Charleston regime" that controls West Virginia government.  The discontent has been growing.

Historically, the Eastern Panhandle had more controversy (and highly doubtful voting tabulations) during West Virginia's secession and founding perhaps than any other part.  (See our previous articles regarding the unconstitutional founding of West Virginia, including the controversy documented on West Virginia Public Television).  The Eastern Panhandle has been griping ever since and this could potentially provide them the opportunity to secede from "Charleston" control and join western Maryland counties to form another and possible 51st State, all legal and Constitutional, providing the State governments grant their consent (a big if, but it could be demanded).

For more on this subject see Pat Buchanan's article: 

Is red state America seceding?

Pat Buchanan covers many movements across U.S. to divorce from urban rulers

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/10/is-red-state-america-seceding/#QUftXyfQKmRAEv1j.99

Sep 4, 2013

Syria and WMDs, The Iraq Parallel

This excellent interview with someone who knows what he's talking about and who helped Colin Powell make the "case" for Iraq before the U.N..  Congress should carefully consider his experienced viewpoint instead of listening to AIPAC, the neoconservatives, and "the McCainiacs" (see previous article by Pat Buchanan) who support it for the sake of the aggressive "new middle east" Israeli agenda.

Note his healthy scepticism as a U.S. military official during the Bush administration about the "intelligence" of precisely who used the alleged chemical weapons which is more in line with Putin than Obama, and who just called Secretary Kerry a liar

Remember the intelligence from "curveball" that claimed that Saddam Hussein was obtaining "enriched uranium" from Nigeria to justify action into Iraq.

Congress should also listen more to the vast majority of the American people who oppose a strike on Syria.  Yes, that especially includes Rep. Shelly Moore Capito who is inclined to support wars for AIPAC and seldom listens to war dissent from West Virginians.  (Sen. Manchin has the same tendency until its popular to withdraw).  Surprisingly, she has been reluctant thus far to support the Syrian strike, saying

“I’ve been in Congress for a long enough time to know that, just because the intelligence says it’s so on first blush, I’m not sure we’re all going to accept that without the deep detail that I think we need to have and that the President should bring to Congress,” she said.

It all hinges on the pretended "intelligence".  And also which party presents it, unfortunately.  But is that still enough reason to support American military conflict in another Middle East conflict that does not threaten Americans?  Another Middle East engagement will certainly hurt our economy and deficit spending as oil prices will rise again and Congress will spend billions more.

Aug 27, 2013

Pat Buchanan: Congress Should Veto Obama’s War

Congress should veto Obama’s war

...For consider Congress’ broad assent to news that Obama has decided to attack Syria, a nation that has not attacked us and against which Congress has never authorized a war.

Why is Obama making plans to launch cruise missiles on Syria?  According to a “senior administration official … who insisted on anonymity,” President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on his own people last week in the two-year-old Syrian civil war.

But who deputized the United States to walk the streets of the world pistol-whipping bad actors?  Where does our imperial president come off drawing “red lines” and ordering nations not to cross them?  Neither the Security Council nor Congress nor NATO nor the Arab League has authorized war on Syria.  Who made Barack Obama the Wyatt Earp of the Global Village?

Moreover, where is the evidence that WMDs were used and that it had to be Assad who ordered them? Such an attack makes no sense.  Firing a few shells of gas at Syrian civilians was not going to advance Assad’s cause but, rather, was certain to bring universal condemnation on his regime and deal cards to the War Party, which wants a U.S. war on Syria as the back door to war on Iran.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/08/congress-should-veto-obamas-war/#2zZLUtJBA3Jj0E3v.99

Jul 21, 2013

ObamaCare: The Tyranny of the Nanny State Exposed

First came the erection of the Security State under George W. Bush after that conveniently labeled date of 9/11 introducing the Big Government and Big Brother institutions and programs like Homeland Security, REAL ID (which West Virginia incorporated unnecessarily into the DMV issued drivers licenses, despite resistance), USA PATRIOT ACT (which handed over your Social Security number to banks, enabled arbitrary detention or searches and seizures without a warrant), expanded TSA searches, and much more.  Suddenly, free Americans were all to be treated as terrorist suspects and "show their papers" and be opened to Federal (and state) surveillance, electronic and with a growing camera system.   It was something that George Orwell had warned of in his book 1984, and now almost prophetically. 

Now comes the Nanny State under Barack Obama with the Affordable Healthcare Act (neither affordable nor about improving health care) which is now more openly disclosed (though we warned of it before) as another data-mining system on all Americans easily tapped by Federal or even State authorities (which work in tandem with the Feds) whenever someone abuses or taps this medical surveillance system.

Read about the intrusive privacy-breaking power of Obamacare and then you will understand how the Security State + the Nanny State = Totalitarian superstructure (all unconstitutional per the 4th and other amendments) over all "free Americans".

The "plea of necessity", warned the founding fathers, is "the tyrant's plea".  Yet distracted Americans easily fall for this oldest trick in the political book, and that to our own peril.

Move over NSA, here comes the Obamacare Big Brother database

the potential for abuse is enormous. The massive, centralized database will include comprehensive personal information such as income and financial data, family size, citizenship and immigration status, incarceration status, social security numbers, and private health information. It will compile dossiers based on information obtained from the IRS, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration, the Office of Personnel Management, the Social Security Administration, state Medicaid databases, and for some reason the Peace Corps. The Data Hub will provide web-based, one-stop shopping for prying into people’s personal affairs. - See more at: http://rare.us/story/move-over-nsa-here-comes-the-obamacare-big-brother-database/#sthash.oaZink0S.dpuf
the potential for abuse is enormous. The massive, centralized database will include comprehensive personal information such as income and financial data, family size, citizenship and immigration status, incarceration status, social security numbers, and private health information. It will compile dossiers based on information obtained from the IRS, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration, the Office of Personnel Management, the Social Security Administration, state Medicaid databases, and for some reason the Peace Corps. The Data Hub will provide web-based, one-stop shopping for prying into people’s personal affairs. - See more at: http://rare.us/story/move-over-nsa-here-comes-the-obamacare-big-brother-database/#sthash.oaZink0S.dpuf

Jun 28, 2013

More Shocking Truth: The Real History of West Virginia, 150th Anniversary

While the West Virgina Public Broadcast production of the Road to Statehood (previous post) was fairly revealing about the controversial formation of West Virginia, this video, with well-documented sources and quotes, goes even further by illustrating how the minority of politicians in Wheeling basically hijacked and hoodwinked the public of western Virginia and manipulated things within the counties to achieve their own desired outcome.   This shows even more remarkably how West Virginia was formed by fraud against both the citizens of western Virginia counties, and the eastern panhandle, as well as against the Constitution of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Especially notice how many of western Virginia's counties voted and supported in favor of Virginia's Secession from the Union!  The colored map tells it all.  To this day it is also noticeable in some counties in particular what their historical leanings were and still are (e.g. Jackson, Boone, Logan, et al).

It is doubtful that West Virginia government schools are teaching your children the truth about just why and how West Virginia was actually formed, or rather coerced politically into Statehood.  It is doubtful most West Virginians know, including those who hold office in government.  Maybe this is why there is so much waving of the Union, federal U.S. flag all the time instead of even the State flag of West Virginia.  The Reconstruction and political propaganda have never ceased to pretend that it was a majority view to break from Virginia and to justify what can be considered no other than an illegally formed state.

Jun 21, 2013

The Controversial Truth About How West Virginia Became a State

West Virginia:  An illegal, unconstitutional, "bastard" state?  There is in fact strong evidence to say   so.  Was West Virginia's creation as a state legal and constitutional or the act of an insurrectionist and rogue group of politicians way up north in Wheeling who forced it through Congress, fixed the voting of the people, and got even a reluctant President Abraham Lincoln to sign off on it?

It is quite  ironic that politicians who claimed that Virginia's secession from the Union was illegal would then orchestrate a very unclean and illegal secession from Virginia (which was never approved as required by the government of Virginia either) and then claim it was the "restored government of Virginia", and try to sell it to Congress that way, isn't it?  Small wonder that Yankee sympathizers who supported secession from Virginia to form a new state were called in that time "anti-Virginians", and looked upon as disloyal to their own state.

Watch this excellent and impartial documentary which reveals even how former Virginia Governor Henry Wise described it:  "This new state is the bastard child of a political rape!"
Clearly the beauty and attractions of this state are much more pristine than its political origins.  The state itself was very divided between Confederate and Union sympathies and the capitol was carried back and forth several times between Wheeling and Charleston, the latter of which was more Confederate oriented.  West Virginia itself was very divided! 

May 19, 2013

Benghazi-Gate, 'The Bob Schieffer Moment': Obama Administration Confronted on "Face the Nation"

This will go down as "The Bob Schieffer moment", where now even the media, which has given the Obama administration a hedge of protection, now has broadcast clearly that the administration deliberately misrepresented and is refusing to come clean about the Benghazi attack and their official story.

We all know when we are being lied to. It is clear now that CBS knows it too. "Why are YOU here?", Schieffer asks the rookie sent to "take care of that interview" from the Administration.  Then listen to what he says about Susan Rice's "representation" of the Benghazi event for the Administration (play from 1:20 minute mark).

It goes without saying that avoidance is a mark of cover-ups and lies. It's about time the mainstream media recovered their sense of smell as journalist hounds and started tracking the truth of the story instead of following the fake trails put down by the fox in the White House to cover their tracks (including Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State too). They are onto him now, and you can almost hear the media hounds line up baying and chasing behind CBS's Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation.  The old "bloodhound" reporter now knows the fox led them astray and their official story did not pass the smell test.  Isn't this what the media is supposed to do, as a public service for us? This is the purpose of a free press after all.

Remember too that while the Administration tried to satisfy the media by releasing a torrent of emails regarding the Benghazi event, that none of the emails that were released were dated any earlier than 67 hours--almost 3 full days--after the attack and the official explanations.  It would be insulting to not call it a cover-up, and from what Obama promised would be "the most transparent administration ever".  Actually, they would like it to be transparent...but only as transparent as a ghost or vapor that might quickly disappear.  But it's too late for that now.

Feb 26, 2013

Why Chuck Hagel Will Be a Great Secretary of 'Defense'

Former Senator Chuck Hagel will bring a fresh and necessary perspective to the office of Secretary of Defense for which he was confirmed today.  Contrary to recent sound bites in especially the conservative Establishment, where he was grilled by AIPAC-owned Senators, this video shows the real Chuck Hagel taking his Senate Foreign Relations colleagues to task during the Iraq "surge" policy being implemented by the Bush administration.  As a republican he dared to challenge directly the typical politically-correct (but superficial) propaganda that criticized any dissent from Bush foreign policy, which ironically was continued under Obama.  Democrats could compare him to the late Sen. Robert Byrd who led dissent about Iraq among democrats when it was politically-incorrect too.

Watch this and see for yourself.  This is what courage and virtue looks like in the politically-charged mudslinging of Washington and Congress.  Hagel is unafraid and very much concerned about the deployment of the men and women in the military who have no voice or advocate normally to defend their lives and interests when the passion to start or expand wars begins.  He chastises his Senate colleagues with authority and demands they consider what is really at stake and whether the comprehensive strategy is even sound during a time where propaganda and personal attacks are tossed about to intimidate and force a false patriotic "unity" behind a flawed but popular war policy that others are too afraid to challenge.

If this does not demonstrate his sound judgment and soberness of mind when making war decisions versus the neoconservative and AIPAC-funded political attacks against his nomination for Secretary of Defense recently then I am speechless.  This decorated veteran and astute Senator and statesman is fully qualified and greatly needed to check and restrain the hasty and easily influenced U.S. foreign policy that we have witnessed for over a decade now.  Neither will he be a lap dog republican for Obama, but will likely restrain any more actions of this President to rush into further Middle East involvement (e.g. Libya, regime change, nation building) without sober objections, especially if they involve U.S. troops.

It is supposed to be a Department of Defense, not a Department of Offense, after all.  Four courageous and thoughtful republicans supported his nomination, from the South and Midwest, including Tea Party favorite Sen. Rand Paul (see link above), who also advocates (along with Sen. Joe Manchin) auditing the Pentagon to uncover its mysterious wasting and loss of billions of dollars (see previous posts), which has been no small contributor to the fiscal debt problem.

Feb 22, 2013

Blow-back: A West Virginia Company Stands Up to Government Gun Control

Here is a West Virginia company that deals to governments as they intend to deal towards us regarding new legislation and gun control contrary to the 2nd Amendment. And they are not alone. Mark it, patronize it, and spread the word about it.  And let Kanawha County Sheriff Rutherford--who says he will enforce "whatever [unconstitutional] laws" the Federal government passes, here in West Virginia (violating also thereby the Constitution of West Virginia, Article I, 1-2, which he swore to uphold)--and Sen. Joe Manchin know you support them too.

Remember:  "Mountaineers are always free" unless they bow to unconstitutional government tyranny.

Firearms Companies Restricting Sales To GOVERNMENT Agencies In Areas That Restrict Gun Rights | CNS News
A growing number of firearm and firearm-related companies have stated they will no longer sell items to states, counties, cities and municipalities that restrict their citizens' rights to own them. 
According to The Police Loophole, 34 companies have joined in publicly stating that governments who seek to restrict 2nd Amendment rights will themselves be restricted from purchasing the items they seek to limit or ban.
Extreme Firepower Inc., located in Inwood, WV has had a longstanding policy that states: 
   "The Federal Government and several states have enacted gun control laws that restrict the public from owning and possessing certain types of firearms...If a product that we manufacture is not legal for a private citizen to own in a jurisdiction, we will not sell that product to a law-enforcement agency in that jurisdiction."

Feb 10, 2013

Benghazi Attack was Blow-back for Obama's Secret Ops; Brennan Appointed CIA Chief to Cover-Up, Control Mess

The New York Times, and we hope Seymour Hersh in particular (see his articles on JSOC secret operation and stealth wars), will likely be all over this breaking story (see below) and new book which proves that the Obama Administration deliberately lied about the reasons for the Benghazi attack while tying together the loose ends that show why former CIA Chief Petraeus was removed (yes, by his own folly, but disclosed for a purpose) and why John Brennan has been appointed by Obama as CIA chief. 

These secret JSOC black ops (outside of CIA oversight and authority) that are taking place under Obama's Executive Authority are similar to precisely what Hersh exposed was happening under the Bush Administration.  Only the targets are different.  This "connects the dots" as to why the Benghazi story was so (deliberately) muddled officially and the sudden (convenient) scandal which ousted David Petraeus from being CIA chief (who was kept in the dark about these ops).

Hey liberals, do you still trust Obama now?  You did think that the scandal that brought down Petraeus and the official Benghazi story were a bit strange and somewhat related, didn't you?  They did not pass the smell test and this article and book sheds a lot of light on these two controversies.

Like we posted earlier about the Benghazi attacks (see article below), it was a classic case of what the CIA calls "blow-back" for the Obama Administration's secret policies.  Now you know the real reason that an "anti-Islamic video" on YouTube was blamed and why former Ambassador Susan Rice said what she said, when she did, in the running commentary.  It's called Plausible Deniability of covert operations by insertion of a "cover story" into the official narrative of the Executive Branch.  (It was for her personal loyalty that Obama staunchly defended Susan Rice against critics of her nomination for Secretary of State).  And
now we know that even the CIA, namely Petraeus, was in the dark about what was going on and why they "needed him removed" (so they could cover their tracks with Brennan in an official capacity).

Brandon Webb, a former Navy SEAL, and Jack Murphy, a former Green Beret, reveal the new claims in their book 'Benghazi: The Definitive Report'

Petraeus was humiliated after a 'palace coup' by high-level intelligence
officers who did not like the way he was running the CIA

Behind closed doors, President Obama had given his counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, carte blanche to run operations in North Africa [i.e. including Libya] and the Middle East, provided he didn’t do anything that ended up becoming an exposé in The New York Times [e.g. by Seymour Hersh] and embarrassing the administration. In 2012, a secret war across North Africa was well underway.

The pieces all fit together so nicely now don't they?  The Truth always eventually Emerges!

Jan 27, 2013

"Save the Children"...Really? Guns and the President

Guns and the President by Andrew P. Napolitano

Here is an uncomfortable pop quiz: Who has killed more children, Adam Lanza or Barack Obama?
      ...  One hundred years ago, during the Progressive Era, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson turned the concept of limited government on its head. They argued that the Constitution could be disregarded because the federal government possesses unlimited powers to address the people's needs. Barack Obama is their ideological heir. As their heir, he is not only the head of the executive branch of the federal government, but he is also the head of one of the two dominant political parties.
That political party has dedicated itself to making certain killing legal. The Democrats have continually celebrated the abominable decision of the Supreme Court in Roe vs. Wade, issued 40 years ago this week. They have championed abortion for the past 40 years. They have assaulted the greatest and most fundamental of human rights: the right to live. In doing so, they have succeeded in causing the government to permit the killing of more than 50 million American babies in their mothers' wombs in the past 40 years – for the sake of convenience and sexual activity without consequence, in a manner that is antiseptic and lawful. And no one hears the babies' cries of pain or anguish.
 The president himself has more directly killed about 176 children in Pakistan by the use of CIA drones. These drones have been dispatched by him alone – not pursuant to any congressional declaration of war. At least two of these murdered children were Americans. But since the cameras were kept away, since all of this takes place 10,000 miles from America, and since the survivors are legally and politically helpless, no one here hears the Pakistani children's cries of pain and anguish...

Jan 20, 2013

Bearing Arms in West Virginia: "Sen. Jay Rockefeller Owns an AR-15"

The editor of the Charleston Gazette, known for its blatant anti-gun advocacy (i.e. their "bearing arms in West Virginia" comments appear regularly to harass law abiding citizens in Sunday's opinion briefs), should be interested in this.

     Senator 'Jay' Rockefeller owns one of these.
"I voted for the assault weapons ban in 1994, which also included a ban of high capacity clips, and it's unacceptable that it hasn't been reauthorized...."  -- The State Journal

Take a look at the arms that (if correct in the interview below) Senator Jay Rockefeller is bearing! For the record, this is what is being labeled an "assault weapon" (anything semi-automatic with high capacity clips), the very type of weapons that Obama and the Left side of Congress in particular want to limit by Executive Order or new unconstitutional legislation.  Sen. Joe Manchin (NRA approved) has advocated limits too.

It makes the rest of us appear rather tame by comparison, doesn't it?  Now by comparison even Senator Joe Manchin may not be as well armed as this, who fired a round from a .306 to gain points in a political campaign ad.  Yet both of them seem to want to limit the types of arms West Virginians can bear, grossly limiting the 2nd amendment by pleas of "necessity".  What do you think of that?

Yet Senator "Jay" Rockefeller owns one of these according to Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America (i.e. "the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington"--Ron Paul) in this recent interview and debate below with a very frustrated Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC  (point made just after the 4:00 min. mark).

Mitchell: "Who...why would someone own a Bushmaster?"
Pratt: "[Senator] Jay Rockefeller [D-West Virginia] owns an AR-15".

Touche'!  Point scored.  After all, the Gazette always likes to make a big story of any hypocrisy.  Well here is a good piece for them to put into print then, from an opposing view in their next "bearing arms in West Virginia" piece.  But don't hold your breath for it.

Be sure to tell your two West Virginia Senators what you think of Obama's plethora of executive orders or any limitations and further regulations of gun ownership in this state.  Call or write them now, and Rep. Capito too, since she is aiming to take Senator Rockefeller's seat upon his announced retirement at the end of his term.

Jan 14, 2013

Why Semi-Automatics, Ammo Clips, and Unregistered Guns "shall not be infringed"!

What is the real purpose of the 2nd amendment of the Constitution?  Is it to protect the ability to hunt?  Or merely self-defense?  Or is it more than that?  Let's hear from the author of the Constitution himself.  Here is just a few excerpts of what Mr. Madison had to say about it. 

"The Constitution preserves "the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation...(where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms." (James Madison of Virginia, The Federalist, No. 46)

"The right of the people to keep and bear...arms shall not be infringed. A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country...." (James Madison, I Annals of Congress 434 [June 8, 1789])
Is this clear enough?  Something is very wrong when the government becomes "afraid to trust the people with arms".  It would be a major revolution from America's foundational grounds of government from a "free country" to a tyrannical state.  Even after the Civil War the armies of the Southern States, particularly Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, were permitted by General Grant to keep their weapons upon their surrender.  So why should American's rights be taken away now because of some insane criminals?  In no other case are criminals allowed to infringe upon the rights of law abiding citizens to "prevent tragedies like this".  If that were the case we would have no rights at all.

Congress has no legal authority to pass any law that infringes on the free and unencumbered right to bear all kinds and types of private arms, including "assault" (i.e. actually semi-automatic) weapons and multiple clips, and that without compulsory registration, tracking, or any other "infringement".  Only those legally tried and convicted and sentenced lose their rights.  No one else.

Listen to Walter Williams on this, who takes President Obama and Congress--including Senator Joe Manchin--and the very bias media to school about this subject, and sets the record straight.

By the way, "Mountaineers are always free" (West Virginia's state motto) only if they resist such anti-second amendment tyranny.