May 19, 2013

Benghazi-Gate, 'The Bob Schieffer Moment': Obama Administration Confronted on "Face the Nation"

This will go down as "The Bob Schieffer moment", where now even the media, which has given the Obama administration a hedge of protection, now has broadcast clearly that the administration deliberately misrepresented and is refusing to come clean about the Benghazi attack and their official story.

We all know when we are being lied to. It is clear now that CBS knows it too. "Why are YOU here?", Schieffer asks the rookie sent to "take care of that interview" from the Administration.  Then listen to what he says about Susan Rice's "representation" of the Benghazi event for the Administration (play from 1:20 minute mark).

It goes without saying that avoidance is a mark of cover-ups and lies. It's about time the mainstream media recovered their sense of smell as journalist hounds and started tracking the truth of the story instead of following the fake trails put down by the fox in the White House to cover their tracks (including Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State too). They are onto him now, and you can almost hear the media hounds line up baying and chasing behind CBS's Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation.  The old "bloodhound" reporter now knows the fox led them astray and their official story did not pass the smell test.  Isn't this what the media is supposed to do, as a public service for us? This is the purpose of a free press after all.

Remember too that while the Administration tried to satisfy the media by releasing a torrent of emails regarding the Benghazi event, that none of the emails that were released were dated any earlier than 67 hours--almost 3 full days--after the attack and the official explanations.  It would be insulting to not call it a cover-up, and from what Obama promised would be "the most transparent administration ever".  Actually, they would like it to be transparent...but only as transparent as a ghost or vapor that might quickly disappear.  But it's too late for that now.