May 28, 2009

CATO--"Hate Crime" Laws Are Unconstitutional

"Hate crime" laws are "thought crime" laws, constitute "double jeopardy" (being tried twice for same crime), and violate the 1st and 14th (and also not mentioned, 10th) amendments of the Constitution, this scholar asserts. He also takes the ACLU to task since they ought to know better, and should lead the opposition.

The ADL (hypocrites who defame many) is behind "hate crimes" legislation, and is the powerful, private, special interest, propaganda agency to federal and local law enforcement (including FBI) and media, who are the sole self-appointed definers of public orthodoxy and what constitutes "hate" or "hate groups", even "terrorism" watch lists!

"Hate Crimes" laws could become the basis of a New American Inquisition, where a certain "orthodoxy" of thought, speech, religious or philosophical beliefs is upheld and requires punishment of all to the contrary.

Think about the danger of this! What about "liberty of conscience" and freedom of speech?
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