Oct 11, 2013

Western Maryland Counties Talk Secession. Become Mountaineers or Subtract Eastern Panhandle?

This could become very interesting.  For it may in fact turn out to be what the Eastern Panhandle has been waiting for (see the WSAZ article), i.e. the opportunity to secede from the "Charleston regime" that controls West Virginia government.  The discontent has been growing.

Historically, the Eastern Panhandle had more controversy (and highly doubtful voting tabulations) during West Virginia's secession and founding perhaps than any other part.  (See our previous articles regarding the unconstitutional founding of West Virginia, including the controversy documented on West Virginia Public Television).  The Eastern Panhandle has been griping ever since and this could potentially provide them the opportunity to secede from "Charleston" control and join western Maryland counties to form another and possible 51st State, all legal and Constitutional, providing the State governments grant their consent (a big if, but it could be demanded).

For more on this subject see Pat Buchanan's article: 

Is red state America seceding?

Pat Buchanan covers many movements across U.S. to divorce from urban rulers

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