Jun 28, 2013

More Shocking Truth: The Real History of West Virginia, 150th Anniversary

While the West Virgina Public Broadcast production of the Road to Statehood (previous post) was fairly revealing about the controversial formation of West Virginia, this video, with well-documented sources and quotes, goes even further by illustrating how the minority of politicians in Wheeling basically hijacked and hoodwinked the public of western Virginia and manipulated things within the counties to achieve their own desired outcome.   This shows even more remarkably how West Virginia was formed by fraud against both the citizens of western Virginia counties, and the eastern panhandle, as well as against the Constitution of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Especially notice how many of western Virginia's counties voted and supported in favor of Virginia's Secession from the Union!  The colored map tells it all.  To this day it is also noticeable in some counties in particular what their historical leanings were and still are (e.g. Jackson, Boone, Logan, et al).

It is doubtful that West Virginia government schools are teaching your children the truth about just why and how West Virginia was actually formed, or rather coerced politically into Statehood.  It is doubtful most West Virginians know, including those who hold office in government.  Maybe this is why there is so much waving of the Union, federal U.S. flag all the time instead of even the State flag of West Virginia.  The Reconstruction and political propaganda have never ceased to pretend that it was a majority view to break from Virginia and to justify what can be considered no other than an illegally formed state.