Dec 18, 2009

COPENHAGEN LIVE -- Live Streaming Video of COP15

Live Stream of Copenhagen Climate Summit.  [Update:  This is now their canned rebroadcast, Press Pause to silence].  

We did some "live blogging" as the day unfolded:

5:13am EST -- Obama meeting away from Summit in Hotel with 26 heads of state to "broker a deal".

5:15am EST -- Delegates debating text to include "Mother Earth". (This represents pantheism--i.e. global religion in the text).

5:56am EST -- PM of Denmark opens, talks about "Climate Threat" of "global warming"--while referring to the snow storm outside as "different reality".

6:00 am EST -- UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, "seize the time" now.

6:05 am EST -- Premier of People's Republic of China (Communist state)..."China was first country to adopt climate change formula." (i.e. copy us communists)

(This post was NOT an endorsement of the Summit or the commentary, but only to "keep watch" in the public interest).
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