Dec 12, 2009

House Passes Bill to Audit the Fed

There is a very silver lining in the rather dark cloud of financial reform legislation the U.S. House just passed. This would be a historical first and could bring real change. This is a first step toward Congress finally exercising its Constitutional authority over the PRIVATE Federal Reserve Bank System, which has never before been held accountable for anything. Now if only the Senate does the same.

This is Ron Paul's legislation to Audit the Fed, remember. Yes, the one the neo-republicans tried to excommunicate during the presidential primaries for RINOs like Romney, Huckabee, and McCain instead. Capito signed onto this legislation as a sponsor on April 1st, the same day Thomas Woods was interviewed on WCHS 58Live Talk Radio, which we blogged with a recorded podcast here.

There is enough bipartisan support in the Congress very likely to overcome an Obama Veto (since thus far he has shilled for the Banksters, with the help of former New York Federal Reserve Bank Chairman, Timothy Geithner.)

Friday, December 11, 2009

House Passes Bill to Audit the Fed

I have just received confirmation from a very credible Congressional source that the bill to audit the Federal Reserve is included in the House financial reform legislation which passed today. My source says:
The Fed audit provision which passed the Financial Services Committee a few weeks ago is part of the bill. This is a real milestone, as it means that the full House of Representatives has passed a bill that mandates a complete audit of the Fed.
The effort to audit the Fed - supported by 79% of the American people - is gaining traction.
My source says that it will take a couple of days for the GAO to assemble all of the amendments into a single text.
In the meantime, you can view the version of the bill provided by Congress' Thomas website here or here.