Feb 19, 2007

The Unjust War in Iraq--Murder, Inc.

While the radio talk show propaganda continues to glorify and pay tribute in an idolatrous way to American soldiers, forced into an unjust war, based upon lies and false pretenses, they paint over the very real nature of what is taking place. Behind U.S. foreign policy of the "war on terrorism", now in Iraq and Afghanistan primarily, is Murder, Inc., for that is what all unjust wars inevitably are. When did Iraq ever attack the United States? Pray tell, where is the right of America to invade a sovereign nation, overthrow its "regime" (based upon false allegations and outright lies), without the invitation of the Iraqi people, devastating its cities (Fallujah, et al), murdering its citizens (655,000 Iraqi's killed based upon the last research), claiming to fight "terrorists" (without evidence or proof again) while claiming to "liberate it"! The neoconservative Project for a New American Century already had Iraq, and Syria and Iran as well, in their cross-hairs in their report of September 2000, eagerly awaiting (we say preparing) a "catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor", to fuel a pretext for creating a "new middle east"--i.e. an American democratic jihad.

The article excerpted here, describes the reality (and not just the exceptions to the rule) behind the unjust war in Iraq, and why the deceitful propaganda of "support our troops", really means "support our unjust war", part of a "mission... to rid the world of evil", toward global democratic government by force of arms. Before anyone claims that such an article is "disrespectful to our men and women in uniform", let them refute the particular facts asserted as evidence of the writer's conclusion, particularly in regard to the "culture" of the military soldiers in combat. This is NOT "collateral damage" but wanton murder and mass killing of Iraqi's, frequently non-combatants. Often overlooked as well is the increasing and vocal dissent of American soldiers in the field, such as the one who wrote the popular article, "A YOUNG MARINE SPEAKS OUT".

Meanwhile, as Sen. Robert C. Byrd stated, the Senate, the most deliberative body in the world, is afraid to even debate the resolution against a surge in the Iraq war by a President who is in blatant contempt of the Constitution, and the principles of Christian justice of wars of self-defense alone, who could justly be called a tyrant, leading a "rogue government with WMD"--the very words used to describe the former U.S. puppet President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein.

The Americans seem particularly enthralled with shooting the wounded: here is some young savage, living proof that devolution is not just a concept, expounding on how "awesome" wanton murder is. He is the New American Man, invincibly ignorant, raised on rap music and violent video games, grinning boyishly at the prospect of a future of endless slaughter. He rides around the country, randomly firing on civilians, as if he were at one of those shoot-the-duck booths at the county fair.

They murder to a Satanic tune – "Dead bodies everywhere!" – while joyously creating havoccrushed by an American tank – and, boy, it sure looks like those Americans are having fun! That is how a sick, decadent people amuse themselves. wherever they roam. For allegedly stealing wood, an Iraqi taxi driver finds that his livelihood is

These "liberators" are war criminals, and it's only fitting that they have installed a government of death squads as their local satraps. As they and their allies rampage throughout Iraq, like angels of death, committing war crimes in the dark, the U.S. Congress "debates" a non-binding resolution – and the Senate cannot even bring itself to vote on a meaningless motion, never mind one that could actually end the slaughter.

By: Justin Raimondo