Feb 20, 2007

Al Qaeda' does not exist--A Government Fabrication

Since Al Qaeda' is back in the news again, it is absolutely essential that this propaganda is exposed. This BBC Report, a portion of the Power of Nightmare's helps set the record straight. FEAR is powerful and has been created, sparked by 9/11, to accomplish a pre-set agenda effecting both U.S. foreign policy and domestic government. [This is not an endorsement of the films view of who carried out 9/11, which is yet blamed on Islamic radicals, without any evidence whatsoever, and contrary to their own BBC reports that demonstrated that some of the "19 hijackers" are still alive! Bin Laden's denial of involvement in 9/11 was largely suppressed in America, except by CNN here--while the Bush administration claimed he "boasted". Needless to say denial is not boasting, and a later video of "Bin Laden" has been proven a deliberate lie to the American people.]

It will be noted how this propaganda perpetuates both paranoia (irrational fear, not based on reality) and influences FBI and other law enforcement agencies (like the recent incident in Boston for a cartoon promotion prank) into irrational and extreme conclusions, and over-reaction by authorities, leading to false arrests based upon mere allegation and false conclusions, lacking evidence sustainable in a court of law.

Now "conservative" (e.g. neo-con indoctrinated Mike Agnello) talk-radio always jumps on these stories as if they were gospel truth, in almost celebratory fashion as a vindication of their war-mongering, because they believe it fulfills their paranoid view of reality, and their insane promotion of a perpetual, unidentifiable "war on terrorism" (which kills more civilians than combatants, invading sovereign countries) and even the overthrow of Constitutional government under the pleas of "necessity" and "security"--a
dangerous move toward fascism. Here is a list of so-called and paranoid alleged "terror plots" news stories (including a cell phone arrest) that have ended up as erroneous and false, although you never read of a retracted story! The so-called "airline terror plot" (prior to the 2006 elections of course)--the one that resulted in paranoid and ridiculous "toiletry" search rules--resulted in not one prosecution on a charge of "terrorism", and several being released and cleared of any crimes. This is the danger, the government wants to be able to "kill on sight", or make war on demand, anyone they chose, as if they are infallible, instead of paranoid and irrational. This propaganda is dangerous and must be stopped for it leads to "shedding innocent blood" upon mere allegation based upon the same "there is no doubt" neonconservative deceit that Saddam was "amassing weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq and other "mushroom cloud" rhetoric.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed – and thus clamorous to be led to safety – by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
H.L. Mencken

Like WMD in Iraq--wars are being waged, and innocent people killed, based upon lies that feed this insane paranoia that must be stopped! The "conspiracy theories" that need to be denounced are the ones perpetrated on local talk radio that warn of "Islamo Fascism" and "jihadists that want to destroy America" (Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito).

"If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked". -- Solomon, Proverbs 29:12

And if a people believe the lies of their government and support its policies based upon those lies then the people are just as wicked, as well as the Generals and troops that unquestioningly obey its commands to "carry out orders" in an unjust war perpetrated on people that have offered no imminent threat to the U.S..
Heeding propaganda and lies always lead to the commission of evil, including unjust wars and unjust inquisitions.

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