Jun 19, 2008

Arizona Joins the Revolt, Outlaws REAL ID

Next! Liberty is a threatening thing to Homeland Security. If it was really about making drivers licenses secure then the Feds would not care. But it is really about federal power and their matrix of surveillance that they want to construct that is at stake.

West Virginia needs to defend its own and the federal Constitution (4th and 10th amendments), and outlaw and nullify REAL ID in the next legislative session, irregardless of Governor Manchin and the DMV's irresponsible and unjust support of REAL ID, to defend our liberties that began on July 4, 1776.

clipped from www.azcentral.com

Napolitano: Real ID a no-go in Arizona

Arizona will join roughly a dozen states that have vowed not to participate in federal plans for a uniform standard on state-issued driver's licenses and identification cards.
On Tuesday, Gov. Janet Napolitano signed a measure, House Bill 2677, barring Arizona's compliance with the Real ID program. In so doing, she called it an unfunded federal mandate that would stick states such as Arizona with a multibillion-dollar bill for the cost to develop and implement the series of new fraud-proof identification cards.

HB 2677 is a rare recent example of broad, bipartisan agreement at the state Capitol, with the Democratic governor and GOP-led Legislature finding common ground in their opposition to Real ID.

Some of that opposition is grounded in concerns about privacy and government advancement toward a national identification card. For Napolitano, the biggest issue is related to Real ID's costs for the states.