Jul 10, 2008

Russia Threatens Military Response to US Missile Deal--Cold War Reignited

“We will be forced to react not with diplomatic,
but with military-technical methods.”

--Russian Foreign Ministry

The Bush regime has insanely reignited the Cold War that Reagan ended! If you were Russia (and read the neocon blueprints for global hegemony) you would see this is clearly designed to circle the wagons around NATO against both Russia and Iran, which will force Russia and Iran to ally...which is a recipe for potential world war!

Tell me how this is different than Khrushchev setting up missiles in Cuba which sparked the Cuban Missile Crisis when JFK was president. Putin is right, "Provocatory" isn't it?

Who will stop this rogue government which is hell-bent on instigating new conflicts toward global upheaval before its term is up? For more on this see the Common Dreams article "Bush in Fantasyland", which states:

So why is the Bush administration imposing this sucker of a weapons system that nobody wants on an already inflamed relationship with Russia? Why risk sparking a renewed nuclear arms race?

“Politics drives this deployment decision,” Cirincione says. “Bush Administration officials are trying to lock in the program before they leave office. They are trying to build bases they hope the next president will find impossible to shut down.”

Russia threatens military response to US missile defense deal

July 9, 2008

Russia threatened to retaliate by military means after a deal with the Czech
Republic brought the US missile defence system in Europe a step closer.

The threat followed quickly on from the announcement that Condoleezza Rice signed a formal agreement with the Czech Republic to host the radar for the controversial project.

Moscow argues that the missile shield would severely undermine the balance of
European security and regards the proposed missile shield based in two
former Communist countries as a hostile move.

“We will be forced to react not with diplomatic, but with military-technical
methods,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"This missile defence agreement is significant as a building block not
just for the security of the United States and the Czech Republic, but also
for the security of Nato and the security of the international community as
a whole," Dr Rice said