Jan 22, 2009

Against Israel's War on Gaza: The Censored Christian View

This short video from Rev. Ted Pike of National Prayer Network (who also lobbies against Hate Crime laws) presents an alternative and more historically correct Christian view of Israel, the Jews, and the recent Israeli war with Gaza and Hamas, from a standpoint consistent with the teachings of the Bible. Needless to say you will not hear this view from Michael Agnello on 58Live Talk Radio in Charleston, nor from John Hagee of Christians United for Israel (CUFI; see Bill Moyer's Journal on it's powerful influence on Congress), nor from nominal Christian politicians including George W. Bush or Barack Obama (whose Chief of Staff is Rahm Israel Emanuel). Nevertheless this is the more historically held Christian view, with some slight variations. (This is not necessarily an endorsement of all of Ted Pike's theology or political views).

Unfortunately, this historically held view was been drowned out and overcome by the infiltration of the early 20th century novel teaching of Christian Zionism which was largely started by Cyrus Scofield (and his new Bible) at Dallas Theological Seminary and promoted in the political agenda of the late "religious right", whose most formidable leaders (Jerry Falwell and D. James Kennedy) have died during the last two years.

Professing Christians and churches in particular should review this presentation and reconsider their position on modern Israel, including its re-establishment and subsequent wars. Many claim that "Christians must support Israel" (confusing the historic biblical nation with the modern secular state) and say incessantly in defense of Israel that "the Jews are God's chosen people" and quote verses (out of context) that say "pray for the peace of Jerusalem" as if this alone is the scriptural basis for unqualified, absolute, and even a "divine right" of Israel to exist, and even for them to make war upon whatever pretext, frequently branding Palestinians and all Arab nations in total as "terrorists". This is the view that the neoconservative "war party" (many of whom are Jewish) and the powerful AIPAC Lobby do not want political Christians to believe, because it threatens their propaganda which has been so effective in creating a new perpetual "war on terrorism" (justified by 9/11) largely centering on the middle east which coincidentally fits so well with the agenda for a "Greater Israel".

By the way, this historic Christian view is virtually consistent with Orthodox Jews who also oppose Zionism and the State of Israel on similar religious grounds, whose public protests against Israel's war and blockade of Gaza never seem to make the mainstream news no matter their numbers! (The same also met with President Ahmadinejad of Iran, whom neocon propagandists describe as "Hitler").

After seeing this video it will become apparent that the superficially based belief of Christian Zionism and unqualified support for the modern state of Israel is in contradiction with both Scripture and reason if one is intellectually honest and has a high view of the Bible's authority.