Nov 15, 2009

Tea Parties Are Not Enough: The Duty of Americans to Resist a Rogue Federal Government

If Americans want to restore freedom and check the power of corrupt government they will have to man-up and do it themselves. Elections will not restrain it and "tea parties" are likewise impotent.

If the Constitution doesn't expressly give jurisdiction to the federal government over a certain subject, it may not act on it.
....Today, most of us are Subjects of a corrupt government. ...But we are not powerless. We, in fact, should not allow the government to act wrongfully against us....If a law doesn't fit, you must acquit!...We do not need to wait for a ruling from a judge to nix an unjust prosecution. We do not need to wait for the "right" politicians to erect the "right" legislation to take back our inalienable rights. We people are the ultimate check against despotic government authoritarians. Effective use of trial by jury is deadly to government bureaucrats, politicians, and their henchman. It's a highly efficient and bloodless form of rebellion.
Shall we take back our Liberty now?

Then read about the power of Jury Nullification here.

Oppressive Government

There is no entity that is more obnoxious than government. No entity kills more. No entity plunders more. No one entity violates more individual rights more often, with more impunity. And none spews more propaganda and lies. History proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Be it a monarchy, oligarchy, union of socialist republics, or a communist Nation-State like the people's republic of china, you can rest assured that a big powerful government will be the bane of Liberty every time. It has always been this way. Government must be checked. Bureaucrats must be resisted. They must be over-ruled.
A corrupt government is one that extends unlawful jurisdiction over the people it is supposed to protect. A corrupt government is one that legislates beyond its rightful power by erecting laws that do injury to liberty, justice...
The Constitution of the United States was ordained with the primary object being the defense of Liberty.