Aug 17, 2012

Romney--Paul Ryan: A Return to Bush's Big Government?

Per former FOX commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano (who can hardly be called a liberal), Tea Party conservatives and Constitutionalists should not be very happy about Paul Ryan as Romney's VP, especially if they look at his Big Government voting record.  Napolitano, like us, is discouraged by the naive enthusiasm and another choice between the "lesser of two evils" for President and Vice President.   It's time to take a closer look.  Ignorance is not bliss.

The neocons and the RINO establishment are trying to hoodwink the Tea Party by painting Ryan in another image and pretending that Romney would even adopt Ryan's fiscal conservatism.  The truth is that Ryan himself has no record of fiscal conservatism or limited government either!  False images must be dashed for the truth to be told.  This is a wake-up call!

Is this the best the Republican Establishment has to offer us?  It is self-evident what the principles of the Republican Establishment then really are.  The Constitution and limited government are clearly not their ideals nor in their RINO game plan.

It is also irrational to sum up America as "an idea", as Paul Ryan attempts.  Nations have histories and power struggles.  The initial American "idea" was overthrown 150 years ago now, when the Federal government in Washington, which originally was very limited by the sovereign states, usurped power and became a Centralized Power and even went to war against the very States who had formed it.  THAT was the end of limited and a Constitutionally restrained Federal government, and under the first radical Republican, Lincoln.  But don't expect any real assessment of American history from any political candidate.  That would be politically incorrect and career suicide.

But don't miss this article by former host of FOX's Freedom Watch, Andrew Napolitano:

Romney and Ryan Would Return Us to the Bush Years

Last week, Gov. Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, blasted Obama for borrowing more than one trillion dollars in just the past year. He must have forgotten to look at the voting record of his designated running mate, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.  Ryan voted for nearly every request to raise the debt ceiling during his 14 years in Congress. He voted for TARP, the GM bailout and most of the recent stimulus giveaways. He also voted to pay for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars on a credit card, which added another trillion dollars to the government's debt. And he voted to assault the Constitution by supporting the Patriot Act and its extensions, as well as Obama's unconstitutional proposal to use the military to arrest Americans on American soil and detain those arrested indefinitely.
...we have a rough idea of what Romney-Ryan would bring us: more of the Bush-era big government. In other words, Ryan is just another big-government Republican holding himself out as a fiscal conservative.

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