Jun 9, 2007

The Jews of Iran--Contradiction to Conspiracy Theory of Islamo-Fascism and Demonization of Iran

This evidence of over 25,000 Jews in Iran, co-existing peacefully, refutes the insane notion that radical Islam wants to "kill all Jews and Christians". These Jews have representatives in the government of Iran too. But you will not hear any of this from those who tell the outrageous conspiracy theory of Islamo-fascism. This evidence must be pushed to the public view to dispel the lies and propaganda that holds Americans captive to Neoconservative "war on terror" (which terrorizes only American minds) fiction and foreign and domestic "security" policy, including the pre-emptive nuking of Iran (openly, unabashedly condoned by 9 of 10 "republican" presidential candidates, except Ron Paul) because it is a "threat" to Israel or the world. (Israel has nuclear weapons. Is the middle east safe with that?). There is a justifiable doctrine of "pre-emption" (contrary to the neoconservative Bush doctrine), but ONLY upon one of absolutely certain, immediate and imminent threat (i.e. self defense). Based upon this evidence, can every one be so certain about an immediate and imminent threat by "Islamo-fascsts" who "want to kill us all"?

It is impossible that the demonization of Iran and "radical Islam" based upon the propaganda constantly thrown in our face can be believed in the face of this evidence. If "militant Islam" cannot "kill Jews" (as they say they are "determined" to do) in Iran, how could they do it more easily in America or Israel? Where is the "militance"? Where is the "fascism"? Do these Jews lack freedom of religion? Is even Iran a "Caliphate"? If Iran is not, how could they establish a "caliphate" in the middle east or world? Is Iran really a "state sponsor" of radical Islamic terror--part of a world conspiracy? Then why the tolerance in their own country? Is their an Islamic "one world government" conspiracy, that kills all who do not believe in the Koran and Islam? Why is their no evidence of this in Iran, which has been labeled the "axis of evil"? What evil? (This writer rejects the erroneous teachings of doctrines of both Islam and Judaism). One can see that these Jews (unlike secular Zionists) have not changed their unique religious and cultural practice in order to obtain peace there either. Here they clearly have "freedom of religion", "freedom of speech", and even representation in government (unlike some Americans in our own)!

Facts are stubborn things. Let us here from the Islamo-Fascist propagandists, in the media and government, as to why their "facts" they dogmatically preach to us do not match this obvious contradiction. It is impossible that their claims can be true, but the deliberate work of planned propaganda to fuel the neoconservative agenda.

To the contrary, Palestinians are under Israeli occupation (within their own homeland), and ARE NOT treated well. "Purification" and genocide is alive and well in Israel. (Where are the cries against "racism" here?) Listen to the Israeli soldiers own testimony from their own cameras. Could it be that Muslims are resentful and fearful of the Zionist state, which occupies land by arbitrary powers, displacing, dispossessing, or oppressing them by military force? Consider as you watch how Americans might respond if Mexico were again granted the Southwestern states (Arizona, New Mexico, California), and occupied it by military power, setting up Walls and checkpoints, even under a "UN resolution"....consider just how Americans might respond, and you will have a sense for the scenario involved.