Jul 4, 2007

Ambassador Joe Wilson on Libby Commutation--Proves Bush's complicity in CONTINUING to Obstruct Justice

It was asked on talk radio "why was there no one prosecuted of leaking Plame's name then?" ANSWER: Because that is what Libby did and how and why he Obstructed Justice, to protect the identity of the leaker! That is the very reason Libby was prosecuted--he SUCCESSFULLY obstructed justice!


Bush by commutting Libby's sentence proves his own involvement and complicity in continuing to obstruct justice. Valerie was only collateral damage in the main issue, the Obstruction of Justice toward investigation of the major criminal intelligence leak which was payback for exposing the fake "intelligence" justifying war with Iraq.

AP news video here.

Click this link: http://video.ap.org/v/default.aspx?g=bb45a707-a0d1-49d8-a0ef-561120130600&f=1136872&fg=email

FLASHBACK: Ambassador Joseph Wilson put the whole matter in perspective when Libby was sentenced.

Note the prosecutor was a Bush-appointed republican and the judge also appointed by Bush. Where is the partisanship or bias in the prosecution of Libby? It was entirely out of the democrats hands and in the most friendly hands there could possibly be!