Oct 31, 2008

West Virginia Ballot: Chuck Baldwin for President, Constitution Party

There is another choice for President, and we are not talking about Ralph Nader. These two brief videos outline the sharp contrast between Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party candidate on West Virginia's ballot, versus John McCain, and Barack Obama.

West Virginians should consider a much better option for President and vote their conscience, for what they really want, instead of being herded into a
compelled choice between a Nanny State (Communism) and Security State (Fascism), by two major party candidates who are both rated badly on gun rights, illegal immigration, the Constitution and our liberties, and especially unjust wars on pretenses of UN resolutions.

Both McCain and Obama are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) that are moving America away from the Constitution and national sovereignty toward a new world order of global government from which no nation can opt out. (This is what is really behind the "war on terrorism"). Neither McCain nor Obama talk at all of changing the "war on terrorism", and outside of Iraq they both sound almost identicle in their willingness to continue to invade sovereign countries and continue battles for "regime change", now including even against Russia. Is not one of the primary "changes" desired by many Americans to stop unconstitutional, perpetual, and unjust wars against or within sovereign nations under pretense of a "war on terrorism", which is really a Democratic Jihad for global Democracy? Both McCain and Obama will continue or expand this war policy, which also ruins the economy by driving up oil prices (war fears drive the speculators trading of oil futures), national debt (now at a record high), which in turn leads to economic domestic inflation!

The neoconservatives in particular (originally from the radical left) have hijacked the republican party (which offered nothing more than RINO primary candidates, except Ron Paul) and have destroyed true conservative and Constitutional principles under the plea of "necessity" for a radical global revolution consistent with CFR purposes toward Global Democracy. While Obama is justly being vetted for his communistic collectivist principles McCain's own dangerous corruptions and socialist policies (like taxpayer bailouts for Wall Street banksters and foreclosing homeowners) are are of the same bad principles. The truth be said it is the neoconservatives who have provoked the "blow-back" against Bush government and republicans for their unconstitutional radicalism which is driving the "change" support to give Democrats a supra-majority in Congress, and perhaps take the White House for Obama. The fall of republican majorities, therefore, can be laid directly at the feet of the radical neoconservative RINOs that infiltrated hiding behind George W. Bush.

Republicans have also almost entirely lost their plank for "individual liberty" by supporting and pushing the most liberty-killing, anti-constitutional legislation (PATRIOT ACT, Homeland Security, REAL ID, domestic spy powers, military for domestic policing, etc.) for a Security State that makes the Nanny State look almost tame. That government expanded under the watch of republicans supposedly against Big Government, increasing the national debt to over $10 Trillion, perhaps was the final straw that discredited and forfeited republicans authority to rule in the eyes of those who supported them. Neither McCain nor Obama offer anything to change this course. If Americans are not truly free from their own government's intrusiveness under the plea of "necessity", what freedom will there be left to defend?

McCain is no true conservative and his policies are scary. Between Obama and McCain you have a choice only of Socialism or Socialism Lite. But there is a third option, and if people do not vote for Principle they will only get corrupt Party representatives and never obtain what is just and right for themselves. Why support candidates whose principles you plainly do not believe in, just because they are the "lesser of two evils"? Continuing to vote for two parties and candidates that never bring the change you want is irrational and political insanity. Both play the Fear card to drive you to chose ONLY between one of them.

Take a look for yourself before you vote and then vote Principles over Party, unless you really do not want the real "change" that many of you say that you are really looking for.

Are you a Globalist or an American? Chuck Baldwin vs McCain and Obama