Mar 12, 2010

RINOs Not Wanted: U.S. Senate Races Send A Warning to the GOP Establishment

The Republican Party of West Virginia needs to take note of this race next door.  Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Rand Paul (son of Presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul of Texas) is poised to win next door in Kentucky, with a 15-point lead on his republican opponent.  There is a warning to the GOP establishment and Republican Party in this:  return to Constitutional conservatism or perish!  

Republicans that support Big Government (including a Security State or militant wars for Democracy) are not in touch with "grass roots" conservative Americans, and are no longer wanted.  Note also that he does not come from one of the lead political families that so dominate state politics, as they they tend to in West Virginia as well.  (Note Sarah Palin is endorsing him, having a keen eye for personal political opportunity, even though she does not share his constitutional principles whatsoever).  The era of embedded incumbency or for the ruling elite establishment of the GOP, within states, is over.

The same is true with Republican Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth (a current Congressman) of Arizona who is also taking it to Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain.  Same story.  Note that Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin are both endorsing McCain over a real conservative!  This reveals their true colors, and that of the GOP establishment, who circle the wagons to protect each other instead of endorsing true conservative principles.  Listen to what Hayworth says about that here:

Will the GOP hearken to its real constituents who differ when offered a real alternative, instead of a mere R after their name?


NEO-conservative and former Vice President Dick Cheney, who is a member of the globalist and very unconservative Council of Foreign Relations (CFR, who also closely advised the Clinton and now Obama administration), has entered the fray in Kentucky to paint Rand Paul's opponent, Grayson, as "the real conservative".  

Cheney Steps to the Line in Kentucky

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has injected himself into Kentucky’s Senate contest, endorsing Republican hopeful Trey Grayson as “the real conservative in this race.”

Cheney, of course, has a provable record of lying publicly, although with great persuasive ability.  Just another example of how RINOs control the GOP establishment.  (See previous post on the Bush/Cheney fiscal record to see how the proverbial "pot calls the kettle black" on this issue).