Mar 28, 2010

Tea Party Movement vs. GOP Establishment: The Republican Civil War

In a string of GOP primary elections stretching from now until September, the future ideological composition of the elephant party hangs in the balance. Many of these primaries pit self-consciously hard-core conservatives, often aligned with the Tea Party movement, against “establishment” candidates—some who are incumbents, and some who are simply vulnerable to being labeled “RINOs” or “squishes” for expressing insufficiently ferocious conservative views.
Bingo, like we posted previously, with McCain vs. Hayworth and Rand Paul vs. Grayson (who now has NEO-conservative Cheney pitching for him) as two case studies in point. The GOP Establishment is now skeered. They should be, they do not represent the views of the mass of real conservative constituencies, nor the Constitution either. Independents now rule and determine winners, and both the Democrats and Republican Establishments are waking up to that fact, but do not want to make the real changes needed to their present courses.

Article here:
The Republican Civil War | The New Republic