Sep 3, 2010

Moralityphobia--Get Over It

This anti-social and political disease is a virtual pandemic that infects all discourse within the arenas of government and public debate. Governors, state legislators, teachers, and media (including talk show radio hosts that claim to be "conservative") either promote or are complying in a slavish manner to new Humanist commandments that frame the New Public Mores of "democratic society" (by definition a humanist society without regard to God), which persecutes, scolds and attempts to censor those who do not bow to their rules of Progressive Political Correctness. It is as if there were these new higher laws, graven on modern virtual tablets, written by the finger of Democratic Man:

I. "Thou shalt have no other gods but Tolerance".
II. "Thou shalt not obey old laws, but thou shalt obey the written new rules of Political Correctness (which at present hold legislator's captive by fear and intimidation)
III. "Thou shalt not judge by old standards (only because they are old), such as Virtue, especially from historically respected books, like the Bible."
IV. "Thou shalt not take the name of Tolerance in vain (for Tolerance is intolerant of that, and demands to be worshiped, by some more than others), and make no mention of sins in the old fashion, whether public or private, or such as blasphemes Tolerance".
V. "Thou shalt make no mention of the Bible or its moral teachings, or Jesus (except for Progressive legislation for Tolerance)".

When discussion about homosexuality occurs (since the revolutionary firebrands require it) those who oppose the abhorrent, unnatural, and perverse behavior (and those who practice, promote or legalize it), and are on the side of moral society and what used to be called "public virtue," are branded, slandered, and villified as if they have done evil. A new public "shaming" is put upon them instead, and government bows in fear and even repeals its own laws. (Note the other party's blind hypocrisy about "not judging others"). Thus public debate about Morality is either censured or least the Old Morality is, but only to be replaced by the New.

Well, this dated article addresses this subject and rings true, and the rope of its bell needs to be pulled again. To the general public: "Hear ye, hear ye...

Get over your Moralityphobia
Americans need to get over their "moralityphobia."
mo·ral·i·ty·pho·bi·a (n.)
  • 1. A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong, despite the awareness and reassurance that the distinction is not dangerous.
  • 2. A squeamishness or [anti-social] discomfort that compels one to avoid any discussion of what is right and wrong.
  • 3. A strong dislike [hatred!] or aversion to a [former] system of ideas of right and wrong conduct.