Sep 18, 2010

The Royal Presidency: The Cult of Modern Presidents

Since the founding of America the idea of the Divine Rights of Kings has been held as abominable and a doctrine that turned Kings into tyrants who could do whatever they pleased contrary to the common national will.  The idea of having kings became repugnant and the founders' Constitution installed the Presidency instead in a three-way balance of power.  Today, however, with Barack Obama coming before the public via various media constantly, the presidency has been expanded and enlarged to almost a dictatorial position.  Historically, this is a recent phenomenon. 

This excellent podcast is about how the role of U.S. president has radically changed in America in contrast to what the Founding Fathers in the Federalist Papers had in mind.  Especially beginning in the 20 century (as wars increased to a global scale) American presidents began to usurp more and more power and have become a "national leader" in attempt to control and set the agenda for the entire country instead of the more limited role originally intended.

This pod cast from Cato is a real eye-opener to just how excessive and dangerous presidents have become, irregardless of party.