Nov 17, 2010

FOX News Does 9/11 Interview About Building 7 Controlled Demolition--3rd Party Candidates Vindicated

Watch this!  Geraldo Rivera in this FOX segment admits the recent ad campaign (during election week in November) in New York City changed his mind, i.e. that there is a compelling case of controlled demolition in the collapse of the 3rd tower!  His interview is with a 9/11 family member and an architectural engineer (among 1, 200 others) who have staked their professional reputations on the line by affirming this position.

Locally in West Virginia, gubernatorial candidates Jesse Johnson (Mountain Party) and Jeff Becker (Constitution Party) have recently publicly stated their own belief that this position is viable, and took heat from the media (which criticism very prejudicially focused more on Becker, less on Johnson).  Their position is vindicated in this FOX Geraldo Rivera segment.