Dec 8, 2010

Judge Napolitano of FOX's Freedom Watch Also No Longer Believes 9/11 Official Story!

Judge Andrew Napolitano, who hosts the FOX program Freedom Watch, just recently interviewed FOX associate Geraldo Rivera about his show (see previous post below) about 9/11 and Building 7 alleged "collapse".  Now the Judge has gone public himself, as shown in this recent clip, and no longer believes the official story about the destruction of Building 7 on September 11th can possibly be true. 

So now not one, but two FOX show hosts are on record as disbelieving the official story of 9/11 based due to the evidence presented on WTC 7.  Now since they have, why shouldn't we discuss this publicly?  This then is a clear mark that Political Correctness about 9/11 is finally being shattered in even main stream media, just as when the legendary boy shouted, "The Emporer has no clothes", and people more concerned about other's opinions of them, instead of plainly observable truth, were made ashamed.   The official story is clearly now open for debate publicly.