Feb 19, 2011

FOX: Two Eye-Witnesses of "Christmas Bomber" Claim Gov't Agents Enabled Event

Ever since the "Underwear Christmas Bomber" story broke numerous questions came up about just how this very odd individual could have boarded the plane without a passport, how such an innocuous "bomb" could possibly have been successfully detonated, and who really was behind it when this young man is very apparently unintelligent and inept.  But since then Michael Chertoff (former head of Homeland Tyranny, aka Security) has profited much by pushing his company's new and controversial airport body scanners into use by TSA while the very unconstitutional Dept of Homeland Security has continued to expand and the PATRIOT ACT (which violates the 4th amendment for every American) has been extended, and the "war on terrorism" (i.e. Operation "Regime Change" in the Middle East with Israel) has continued under President Obama. 

A local FOX news Detroit station has been following the story closely and especially that two eye-witnesses, Kurt and Lori Haskell (married), and both attorneys, saw the man, and insist that he was given special assistance, and an impotent bomb device, deliberately, by U.S. intelligence agents (perhaps as a drill) that ended up being used for propaganda!  The FBI has no comment.