Feb 6, 2011

Taking Modern Christianity to Task, The Consequences of Corruption

This surprisingly forthright sermon and message takes on the corruptions of modern Christianity, or Churchianity, and takes to task both popular televangelists (including T.D. Jakes, still praised much in West Virginia) and typical pastors and churches, which has contributed much to resentment and fueled the vehement opposition and outright hatred by those who oppose Christianity and write against its Bible, standards and beliefs in the press, society, and government.   It is also evidence that there are vehement critics within Christianity which desire a major reformation since these corruptions have damaged the credibility and once stronger influence of genuine Christian teachings in society.

The speaker in this Sermonaudio podcast entitled "Modern Church Nonsense" does not hold back and shows just how relevant an Old Testament prophet's book, Amos--which secularists and liberal churches typically mock at as ancient and not applicable to modern society-- is for today in the 21st Century.  After it was preached in 2007, it was followed interestingly by the banking, real estate and financial and economic crisis, that has dominated the last few years now, making the message and its warnings even more relevant.

[Note: Must enable Sermonaudio Scripts to view and listen to this podcast]