Jun 26, 2011

The Bible, Christianity, and Reason vs. Political-Correctness about Homosexuality

 While the media continues to brow-beat Americans into bowing to the "equal rights" agenda of the LGBT lobby, many are still speaking and preaching the truth that is now considered politically-incorrect as new legislation is advanced.  Here below is a plain speaking Sunday Sermon worth hearing against the politicizing of homosexuality, and even "same-sex marriage" (an oxymoron) now, into forced acceptance (by about 2 percent of the population upon everyone else!), and a thorough review of what the Bible plainly teaches as Christian doctrine on the subject.   The preacher goes through the Bible thoroughly demonstrating the opposition of God, who does not "make" homosexuals as either a gender, or condone their perverse and unnatural behavior (any more than He does the incestuous, pedophiles, zoophiles [beastiality, as is now reported], adulterers, etc), but to the contrary has historically abhorred, abominated, outlawed, banished, and punished it in no uncertain terms as a social disease and a provoking crime against heaven which he threatens to judge.  (Here is the One who 'judges', for all those who condemn all judging, with righteous judgment, and legally delegates that same judgment to governments to enforce; as the named Kings of Israel did for a "light of the nations", and as until recent history was still outlawed in American states). 

It should be also noteworthy by historical accounts that no great empires (Canaanite, Hittite, Babylonian, Greek, Roman--and remember Pompeii) or civilizations have ever continued when gross moral corruption, among which was sodomy and homosexuality, was permitted to flourish; and wherever homosexuality was prevalent, so was pedophilia and abuse of young children also a common feature (e.g. Greece under Alexander the Great).  If "gay rights" is given full legal status, pedophilia and statutory rape will soon be legalized as "sexual orientation" as well, and even beastiality is no longer a crime.  Yet "equal rights" for gross aberrant behavior that spreads real disease is to be accepted by force of the LBGT lobby on all, if everyone lies down for them.  The preacher calls to attention the original name of AIDS, and we know just how that was spread to everyone else.  The truth is, we are in the midst of a Moral Pandemic, which has societal and health consequences, which the government is aiding and abetting, under pressure of a special behavioral interest group (not a nationality, race or gender "identity") which behavior was formerly illegal!

It begins with an examination of the sin--i.e. "going after strange flesh"--of the people of Sodom, which was "made an example of" (see Jewish archeology study; and from which the behavior has historically been named for, i.e. Sodomy, for the 'men of Sodom' lewd behavior), which is sometimes debated.  Sodom destroyed now lies under or near the Dead Sea (a Salt Sea) which the Jewish historian Josephus called Lake Asphaltites (asphalt, note the "tar pits" in which the Kings of Sodom fell into in Genesis earlier, until Abraham saved them along with Lot).  Let the Bibliophobes and Christophobes mock, but this is what the Bible teaches plainly which liberal churches, like the apostate Evangelical Luthern Church, Presbyterians Church (USA), and some others who speak different (contrary to their founders Luther, Knox, and Wesley, who would scold them) and are willfully blind toIntellectual honesty demands this conclusion from the Scriptures, and so this is the view of conservative Christians in West Virginia without a doubt, even those who nominally grew up in church, across all political party lines.

Note too in this message, that Sodomites are enslaved to passion, and cannot be appealed to by reason, i.e. they must have what they want, and oppose all who resist, have no moderation or conscience but are brazen in their lust, and therefore are violent, and rebel against governments like brute beasts, as exemplified both toward governor Lot and the "visitors" in the dramatic account.  They have pursued coercing their "rights" from government with the same violence today, including their speech used to abuse and deride others as "hateful" and "bigots", with their own hateful speeches, as if they have no malice toward Christians or others who oppose them.  It is all so familiar in the account, even as they now are turning their heat on President Obama (even though he is more liberal than Lot), to coerce him to endorse Sodomite Marriage (see next link below).

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So are Christians supposed to let their 'religious freedom' and 'freedom of expression', which the Constitution protects, be countered by new social opinions or even strange new government laws, as in New York Friday, which legalized "same-sex marriage", to couples who cannot engage in the marital activity of procreation and family?  To the contrary, Christian and Bible beliefs about homosexuality cannot be outlawed or silenced by tyrannical persecution by government, media, or anyone else.  Unfortunately, this is what is happening when unnatural marriage or homosexuality generally is given legal protection or authorization--religious freedom is lost in regards to individual liberty of action in terms of association, property rights, and even speech and press.  WHEN HOMOSEXUAL "RIGHTS" OR "MARRIAGE" IS LEGALIZED CHRISTIAN LIBERTY AND RIGHTS IS OPENLY PERSECUTED, CENSORED OR CONDEMNED BY GOVERNMENT, AND THE NEW MORALITY IS ENFORCED OVER THEM.  And this is by the people that always said "you cannot legislate morality", except their counter-Christian morality!  It is not only Christians that oppose homosexuality either.  It is the radical politicalization of this subject that has drown out all rationality and the abusive legal consequences of the "gay rights" agenda.

In truth, however, freedom of speech and press remains wide open for all opposed to homosexuality, and the legalizing of it and "marriage", to engage against it freely, with full protection of the highest law as Supreme Court decisions have recently made clear.  Christians will have to go to court to appeal to the Constitution to defend their liberty to act upon their own beliefs, which are also rational and just (as even nature exemplifies), and the normative historical precedent, since heterosexual marriage has been the exclusive practice and law in all of human history, since the dawn of civilization.

If West Virginia legislators even think about debating what was done in New York, they had better think about what it will cost them politically to even entertain such a wicked bill on the House or Senate floor.  And they can look at how well the LGBT lobby's point man, Senator Kessler, did in his attempt in the gubernatorial primary as an example.