Jun 20, 2011

FANATICISM: Sports, Not Religion, Is the Real "Opiate of the People"

Professional sports, which includes College Sports--which is definitely for money and profit in the "Higher Education" world--in truth is a waste of valuable time.  Do people consider that sports coaches of universities are the most highly paid positions in State government?  (Note in the link that West Virginia pays more for sports than others in the Big East, even as a much poorer state!)  Is that not a dangerous fanaticism?  Should that not offend and disturb us as "taxpayers"?  Where is a "tea party" against that abuse of government spending within "higher education"?  Are sports coaches the instruments of justice or legislative representation, or executive authority?  Is it not shameful that they outstrip Governors and Justices in taxpayer renumeration--and without the consent of many outside the institution of "higher learning"?  And those who spend their emotions on sports teams and watch every game proudly call themselves "fanatics".    Now this only proves that it is politically correct and acceptable to be a sports fanatic, while at the same time, if anyone cares "too much" about political issues of government, or religious issues in particular, others hurl the epitaph "fanatic" as a term of derision, from which sports "fans" are immune, despite their candid admission. 

The media in particular is guilty of this irrational value process and for feeding the sports frenzy,  for profit, because sports news "sells newspapers" and boost radio and TV ratings.  That is why Hoppy Kercheval on state-wide talk radio will actually spend more time discussing any changes at WVU, even in the midst of important legislative or serious matters which most of the public is largely, and willingly ignorant of.  Such is the mark of not an intellectual society, but a hedonistic one. (Illegal drug use is in fact the same hedonism principle in its purest form of pleasure vs pain and mental escapism, and modern opiates such as Meth, are another clue this is true of society).  The truth is, if everyone were serious minded and lived in reality, instead of in virtual reality (movies, mass entertainment, fiction or "reality shows" on TV, etc), things could be for the better in government, social and intellectual thinking, and religious morality and rational sober living.

The following video, in an entertaining manner, shows how there is a social consensus which is irrational that permits one kind of fanaticism to drown out really the only important matters in life, where everyone's real problems exist.  Sports is indeed the Opiate pain-killer and distraction, then, which religion has been branded for irrationally.