Dec 3, 2011

The Significance of West Virginia in American History: "Child of the Rebellion"

Finally, the Department of Tourism has made both a website and videos touting what most Americans, and too many West Virginians, are ignorant of, i.e. the birth of the state during the Civil War and its unique significance in American history. 

The Dept. of Tourism's new Civil War website with the headline, "A State Born...from a Nation Torn", is an excellent visual introduction and guide and the videos (set to some great fiddle music!) provide a good educational profile of various parts of the state and their historical setting during the Civil War. 
Every family and school should make use of this entertaining and educational resource to understand the state's context in history.

Here is a taste of it, this one highlighting the Eastern Panhandle, especially Harpers Ferry and the site of the John Brown raid.