Dec 7, 2011

The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor is No Mere Conspiracy "Theory"

Even the History Channel has recently covered credible historians and military authors' conspiracy theories about FDR and Pearl Harbor, which coerced America into the European war with Germany and defeated the "isolationist" or Nonintervention movement in America (which aviator Charles Lindbergh played a key role in) which had prevented it.   (Actually, about 80% of Americans were against going to war against Germany for the sake of Great Britain.  The term "isolationists" was a term brandished to abuse the principled public in order to go into wars unnecessarily and for no purpose of self-defense.  This same label is used on Ron Paul today in republican debates by Establishment RINOs and war-mongers who want to engage Iran pre-emptively).

Please read the recent article below about President Hoover's now released secret book about FDR which also references authors that are part of this History Channel program in regard to the truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor.

Then consider how much you should trust the government's official stories of events and reasons for war.  (Go ahead, search about the Lusitania and WWI or the Gulf of Tonkin event for Vietnam too).  Yes, your serious consideration should include 9/11 too.  The public after December 7, 1941 could not imagine any President deliberately permitting or provoking that attack either.  It's interesting how the neoconservatives wrote about "a new Pearl Harbor" being "necessary" prior to September 11, 2001 in order to begin wars for "global hegemony" according to their Middle East blueprint too.

A summarization of the conspiracy by FDR (and Britain's Winston Churchill, see the review of Betrayal at Pearl Harbor: How Churchill Lured Roosevelt into World War II) involving Motive, Means, and Opportunity (key components to any criminal investigation of "who did it") begins just after the 18:00 minute mark.   It all becomes so very, very clear.