Mar 17, 2012

Netanyahu and AIPAC Do Not Represent The Jews on Iran--Neither Do Romney and Santorum

Below is an article about what you will not hear on network mainstream news, or local talk radio, who pretend there is an absolute necessity of "stopping Iran from obtaining a [alleged] nuclear weapon", as if there is no dissent among Jews or Israel.  And what Americans think should be more influential to Congress and the President than AIPAC's heavy-handed lobby and the other propaganda arms to influence U.S. foreign policy (which will surely effect both gas prices and the entire economy, as well as global stability).

And in case you missed it, the former head of Mossad was interviewed on 60 Minutes, after he called a pre-emptive strike on Iran "stupid"!  Video here. 

A preemptive attack on Iran? US Jews are deeply divided.

The AIPAC conference in Washington elicited one hawkish pronouncement after another from US leaders. But American Jews are deeply split over how to deal with Iran's nuclear aspirations.

By Ron Scherer, Staff writer / March 8, 2012
Republican presidential candidate, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum speaks before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), in Washington, Tuesday, March 6.
Charles Dharapak/AP