Mar 17, 2012

Spooky iSpy: Feds Defiantly Expanding 'Big Brother' Surveillance on Americans

The Federal power grab continues now under Obama as much as it did under Bush.  Now we did not expect any "change" for the better.  Obama has only tried to add the Nanny State to Bush's Security State, neither of which is Constitutional government.  (And the prospects for the next Presidential election are no better).  It is apparent that the Feds have found a way to circumvent the fact that Congress banned them from setting up their "Total Information Awareness" program, previously attempted under DARPA.  Under the plea of "necessity", for "counter-terrorism" purposes of course, they are resurrecting total electronic surveillance on American emails and phone calls, clearly unlawful per the 4th amendment of the Constitution.

During the Bush administration it was already proven that both AT&T and Verizon had setup a secret system for the same purpose contracted through (guess who) two Israeli companies that would tap and sort all phone data (including hi speed internet) from Americans, per this video interview (with the same author/source of the article below, James Bamford) here:

Note one of the former NSA informants in the article says its like a "turnkey totalitarianism state" being setup, very similar to the word we used to describe the NDAA 2012 act in the previous post.  Exactly!  All this while the government says it's "defending freedom" by these measures to "fight terrorism" since 9/11. 

‘Total Information Awareness’ surveillance program returns, bigger than ever | The Raw Story

 According to Bamford, the NSA’s new data center in Utah will be the most all-encompassing spy machine ever conceived, capable of breaking almost any encryption, reading any email and recording any phone call anywhere in the world, even if it’s not made over the Internet. A network of ultra-sensitive satellites enhance the center’s intelligence-finding capabilities with the unique ability to sniff electronic communications from a massive distance.

More troubling still, Bamford’s three covert sources who worked for the NSA reportedly claim that the agency is dumping Americans’ communications into the mix, knowingly violating the U.S. Constitution in pursuit of a modern-day Manhattan Project.

When Congress struck down the Pentagon’s “Total Information Awareness” program, they did, however, authorize funding for ”processing, analysis, and collaboration tools for counter terrorism foreign intelligence,” which is precisely how the NSA describes this data center.
 ...In these latest revelations, one of Bamford’s covert sources claims that the NSA is on the verge of a massive coup, putting the U.S. inches away from “a turnkey totalitarian state.”
 The full article is worth reading.  Then watch this quick video where Judge Napolitano (who knows the law and the Constitution) takes the NSA and government to task about a their new online surveillance system called "Perfect Citizen".