Apr 16, 2012

The Price Americans Are Paying at the Pump for Iran Sanctions

This is a quick follow up per our previous article about U.S. and Israel Middle East foreign policy driving high gas prices.   If you look at the gas price chart in that article you will see the steady rise in gas prices since Congress (i.e. both parties, as well as Obama) authorized AIPAC's plan of economic sanctions on Iran (which began in the last half of 2011).

The Christian Science Monitor recently posted this article just over a week ago providing more evidence that supports our article, citing experts, and also explaining those sanctions.  Are you sure you want Congress to impose those sanctions now?  Are you willing to bear the economic consequences of sanctions imposed due to pure propaganda and fear-mongering by the Israeli lobby (just as the neoconservatives did to sell you the Iraq war), when Iran has no nuclear weapons capability any more than Saddam Hussein did?  There is economic "blow-back" to all Americans due to this, and surely more to follow.  Think about it and let Congress know what you think!

What do Iran sanctions cost you? About 25 cents a gallon, experts say.

While consumers may support sanctions on Iran to dissuade it from pursuing a nuclear weapon, a foreign trade advocate says, they should also be told how sanctions impact Americans.

Then there is this good article too from Juan Cole:

Obama, GOP won’t Tell Americans that Iran Sanctions drive Gas Prices

Oh, and for good measure, to prove our analysis is unbias, even Fox Business has reported this, so it must be true [sarc]!   We just report, you decide:
 Experts To Congress: Iran Sanctions Fuel High Gasoline Prices