Apr 17, 2012

Propaganda vs. The Truth about the (Unconstitutional, Communistic) Income Tax

Until 1913 there was no Income Tax on Americans (taxation based upon your earnings and income from labor).  It was unconstitutional to have such a tyrannical individual income tax because it was contrary to private property rights and basic civil liberty as a free American, i.e. that you own your own labor and income derived from it.  (Taxes are a necessity of all governments, but not a demanded tax on personal income!).  In order to force this ruse on Americans, which was ruled "unconstitutional" in 1895, Congress had to amend the Constitution with a 16th Amendment and there is legitimate controversy as to whether it was properly ratified by the states.  It is also common knowledge that a graduated income tax is a communist principle, whereby everyone works for the common government by their labor.  It is in fact a key plank in the Communist Manifesto (see plank 2)!  That's right, slavery was not abolished in America, everyone was merely given universal equality in the Government's Plantation.  Everyone's labor is now owned and claimed by the government.

So the government has always had to portray it as "patriotic" to pay Income Taxes which is setup as some kind of sign of moral righteousness to be a "good American".  The propaganda used to sell this is a proof that natural objections must be overcome to brainwash Americans into believing that it should be a thing of pride instead of subjugation and shame.

The following two videos in this regard are very enlightening and illustrate two contrasting views.  The Income Tax was introduced primarily as a means of financing an American war machine as an "arsenal of democracy" leading toward a system of world government with the ideals represented by the United Nations (also led by FDR, in context with the first video).   Republicans in particular should recall the great opposition they had historically toward FDR's New Deal (socialist) policies, also ruled as unconstitutional; a type and pattern that President Obama has followed almost preciselyThe truth is that both republicans and democrats have supported this same utopian global military vision of expanding "democracy" through wars for "regime change" which the Income Tax has been used to fund and support.

The Propaganda:  From the Federal Government (and Donald Duck, 1943)

Message:  "Be Patriotic!"  Income Tax represents "liberty and freedom".
The "axis" enemy just has a different name now:  Fascism Terrorism.

This kind of propaganda, making use of a cartoon to persuade Americans is frankly insulting, demeaning, and represents the stupid and childish mentality of the American mind.  It is also worth noting that the U.S. united and allied with the Communist Soviet Union to join Great Britain in the war against Germany (which the vast majority of Americans opposed until Japan, which was allied with Germany, bombed Pearl Harbor), which this propaganda film alludes to.  (See our previous article about President Herbert Hoover's opposition to WWII as well as a book by Pat Buchanan, where both claim that American freedom was "betrayed").

The Truth:  From Former Asst. Secretary of Treasury during Reagan Administration

Message:  The Government Owns Your Labor, Income Tax represents Slavery, Not Freedom