Mar 3, 2007

Blasting Cap! Letter of Rebuke to Shelley Moore Capito on Iraq Resolution

[Letter sent Feb. 17, 2007. Response was received from Rep. Capito on March 5th which stated that the "War on Terror -- including the war in Iraq -- is the defining struggle of our time....defeating radical jihadists and terrorists who want to do nothing more than kill innocent people and destruct (sic) our way of life". Thus we see the very parroted lines of the neo-conservative fear-mongerers, that pours through Michael Agnello's talk radio microphone, as if it we are supposed to belief such radical statements without question, and despite massive evidence of planned propaganda and pure lies that have been nothing but Words of Mass Deception. Ms. Capito did not explain why Americans then are not being killed and attacked on a daily basis, or why America's port cities have not been nuked, since 9/11 according to their outrageous conspiracy theory. Ms. Capito also did not explain how wars for "democracy" into the middle east do not qualify as a "jihad", but only of a different brand. This is why West Virginians need to question, along with numerous former and present government officials, the facts versus the spin of the 9/11 Commission as well, and should not be puppets that can be lead by partisan loyalty or mere flag-waving in a false patriotism to "support our troops"--the slogan used to support wars of aggression. The Democrats are as guilty as the Republicans by not questioning and deliberating soberly, and the tyranny of political-correctness about 9/11 and "terrorism" is holding all hostage.]

Ms. Capito,

This letter is to protest your cowardly vote against the "non-binding" Iraq Resolution, inconsistent with your opposition to a troop surge. Especially in that so doing you played the "jihadists who want to destroy our nation" card, clearly bowing to talk-radio propaganda about an outrageous conspiracy theory, and that also falsely links (again) Iraq with Al-Queda, etc.. We must ask again, when did Iraq attack the U.S.?!! This is not about Iraqi "freedom", but a democratic jihad to overthrow the middle east, beginning in Iraq based upon a conspiracy theory of "Islamo-Fascism" that does not hold up to the evidence. To think otherwise is naive, and to listen to blatant lies.

If "jihadists" wanted to destroy America they have had every opportunity to do so, for airport screening is a mere fascist facade of security (something any terrorist would by-pass), and the largest cities ports have been wide open (think of that, with cargo ships unsearched), and the borders porous. So why have no "jihadists" attacked the U.S.? If there is a conspiracy to do such, the "radical Islamics" behind it are more incapable of action than any high schooler, for anyone who desired to do something would have no problem in doing so. What accounts for the lack of "attacks" since 9/11 (an "attack" that has all the suspicious marks of an inside job and military stand-down?) FEAR AND FALSE-FLAG ATTACKS HAVE BEEN USED TO JUSTIFY AN UNJUST WAR ON "TERROR", A CONVENIENT UNIDENTIFIABLE ENEMY THAT JUSTIFIES INVADING ANY SOVEREIGN COUNTRY AT WILL, ESPECIALLY ISLAMIC. It is all a lie--an unprovable, unverifiable, allegation without evidence that would be accepted by the rules of jurisprudence. And every "terrorist" bomb story has elements of government agency involvement, and the trials have been without successful prosecution (i.e. the "airline terror plot")--proving that these allegations and claims are baseless inventions.

Iraq "had no connections with 9/11", nor is "harboring terrorists", something that is now admitted. That was lies and propaganda. The plans to invade Iraq were laid well in advance, and documented in the PNAC's "Rebuilding America's Defenses" document in September 2000 (which Cheney, Wolfowitz, Zakheim, Kristol, Woolsey, Feith, etc.) were all apart of, and it is no secret that the war in Iraq was "contrived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, mostly Jewish" (Jewish Daily Forward)--who all happened to run their "blueprint" for a "new middle east" through the Office of Special Plans (a rogue operation reporting to Cheney)!

Ms. Capito, do you see how you are being played? They jump and accuse you whenever you do not support Israel unequivocally, or their "war on terrorism" absolutely. Will you bow to a false patriotism, contrary to the constitution, or the principles of only Just Wars of self-defense? Will lies and propaganda be your justification for "supporting our troops"--as mercenaries into a pre-conceived and unjust war, instead of returning them home? How political-correctness, propagated by intimidation and force, is so contrary to reasonable consideration, and a form of tyranny upon the conscience.

Did Dick Cheney strike fear in you and twist your arm? Or was it [WCHS Talk Radio] Mike Agnello's interviews to corner you on the air, and the propaganda of Bridget Gabriel--who is a professional radical propagandist, whose "American Congress for Truth" is a sham operation (Zionist propaganda tank), with none other than the PNAC James Woolsey on its board of directors (who continue their lies to justify the war)--who was calling, with Bill Kristol, for invasion of Iran and Syria during the Lebanon bombing! Are those credible sources of unbiased and objective "intelligence" or information, or do they represent a definitive "blueprint" for their ideal of a "new middle east"?

About 75 percent of Americans now believe the U.S. went into Iraq under absolute lies ("there is no doubt", Stated Cheney, "that [Saddam] is amassing weapons of mass destruction....against the U.S., and our allies", etc.), and it has been well-documented that "intelligence was fixed [fabricated, distorted] around the policy" to go to war, between Bush and Blair.

Recall too that a "non-binding resolution" was passed by Republicans (and justly so) against Clinton's unjust war in Bosnia, so why is this rebuke a waste of time now?

Finally, to claim to "not cut funding" for the war as an excuse only serves to continue, with anti-constitutional and dictatorial power, and UNJUST WAR THAT CONGRESS NEVER OFFICIALLY DECLARED, permitting a rogue and deceitful (note the lies) Executive Branch to continue with absolute and unaccountable power--forever! IT IS NOT EVIL TO CUT FUNDING TO FORCE A PRESIDENT TO STOP AN UNJUST WAR, AND IT IS GOOD FOR THE TROOPS TO RECALL THEM FROM BEING EMPLOYED AS MERCENARIES TO ADVANCE AN IMPERIALIST CAUSE OF GLOBAL DEMOCRACY, RATHER THAN A WAR OF SELF-DEFENSE ALONE.

The insane doctrine that "advancing democracy" by military force stops terrorism, or is just cause, is as ridiculous as saying one neighbor could preemptively attack another because he does not want him to be armed, and does not like his principles. The war for Democatic Jihad in the middle east must be stopped before the middle east is ignited by the neoconservative Jacobins of this modern French Revolution and their plan for a PAX AMERICANA, and further invasion of the middle east.

It is a documented fact that Cheney is pushing for war with Iran, despite the President's words, for Cheney is the force behind the Office of Special plans and the neo-conservative fifth column's rogue plan.

I hope you will consider what I have written in full, and why many of us conservatives (paleo-convervatives, not neo-conservatives) are outraged at the lies and deceit that continues, and the evil and unjust wars being waged under the guise of a false patriotism, without provocation.

[name withheld]