Mar 7, 2007

Libby Conviction Reveals Cheney and Neocons Secret Ambitions

"There is a cloud over the vice president."
-- Federal prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald

"It was clear that what Scooter was doing in the Wilson case was at Dick's behest," said Kenneth Adelman, a former Reagan administration official who has been close to both men but has broken with Cheney over the Iraq war. "That was clear. It was clear from Dick's notes on the Op-Ed piece that he wanted to go get Wilson. And Scooter's not that type. He's not a vindictive person."

The Libby conviction has everything to do with exposing VP Cheney, the secretive "cabal" headquartered in the Office of Special Plans, and the neoconservative Fifth Column, the ones who chose George W. Bush to be their front man for the White House, the ones behind the official story of 9/11, the official justification for Iraq war, and the "war on terrorism". Before, during and after 9/11 it has been Cheney at the controls, in total secrecy (operating from "the shadows", his words), hijacking and operating a rogue government with a republican guard. Both Cheney and Libby were members of the Project for a New American Century, and it is clear that Libby did not "take the fall" for Rove, but for Cheney, and we have testimony here (quoted above) from a former Reagan administration official familiar with both men, using the most indicting words. The outting of Valerie Plame was vindictive vengeance against Ambassador Joe Wilson for his public letter refuting the claims that Iraq had "uranium" from Africa, which Dick Cheney himself had asserted as evidence of Saddam's "there is no doubt" threat. This is the M.O. of a secretive VP and faction that "fix the intelligence around the policy", and use force and intimidation to defend their blatant lies, which they must use to justify otherwise unconstitutional, irrational and insane military actions. Perjury lies not only with Libby, who was "following orders", but with Vice President Cheney himself.

Should we not note also the coincidental timing of Dick Cheney's sudden running around the entire world (in a very secretive trip, with sudden and unannounced stops, and an aircraft "problem"), while continuing to saber-rattle against Iran, and intimidate Pakistan (because the American puppet dictator installed by coupe is falling apart) this the last efforts of a desperate man, and usurper of power, who hides in the shadows, but controls all, behind the "President"--hell-bent on finishing the neoconservative "blueprint" for a PAX AMERICANA and "new middle east" based upon a preconceived response to a "catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor"?

Note also how the NATIONAL REVIEW (i.e. William Kristol, PNAC founder) defended their neocon friend shifty "Scooter" Libby--calling it a "politicized prosecution", overlooking that Patrick Fitzgerald was a republican prosecutor (and a good one) appointed by George W Bush! THE NEOCONS ARE CIRCLING THEIR WAGONS, IN A DEFENSIVE POSTURE OF DESPARATION, WHILE EVEN PENTAGON GENERALS ARE NOW IN FULL OPPOSITION to their Iran war-mongering. Even the compliant General Peter Pace did not bow to their pressure, provoking the neoconservative's revenge.

This of course means things could suddenly become very tumultous ("terror attack", "terrorist arrests", distractions, etc)! Cheney is not the type that would "resign" as they are speculating due to a "blood clot in his leg", which was diagnosed as caused by his sudden, lengthy, trans-world secret excursion, from being seated so long on an airline (pray, do tell us how? He does not fly United. Air Force One does not require continuous sitting, but has lounges and walking space, even excercise facilities). It appears that Cheney's obsessive ambitions are the undoing of his own health, and his appearance has of recent shown a frame that looks more akin to Ariel Sharon who recently had a stroke, much as Napolean's ambitions led him to the brink of collapse before Waterloo. Desparate men never change their course, but plunge headlong into dangerous an reckless pursuit of their unilateral agenda, putting millions of lives literally in the balance, based upon their insane vision of global conquest. Major battle fleets have been recklessly positioned near Iran, and now Bush is calling for an increase to his "troop surge", and a rapid deployment is taking place before Congress can prevent or block funds to this "reckless and arrogant administration" (Sen. Robert C. Byrd). Conservatives and former Reagan Adminstration officials are warning, "Americans have lost their country" to a rogue and hijacked government. Until Richard Cheney is arrested (the Generals swear an oath to defend the Constitution, that has been usurped and trampled, not the President or Vice President, and have lawful authority to arrest to recover power from a tyrant), along with the neoconservative infiltrators, America will continue to be a world menace, as much as Alexander and Napolean. America's sons and daughters will continue to be the cannon fodder for unconstitutional and rogue wars using a corrupted doctrine of "pre-emption" for unilateral invasion and imperialism for "Democracy"--a global democratic jihad more dangerous and more real than the propaganda about "Islamo Fascism".