Aug 22, 2007

Bush calls Plans for North American Union a "Conspiracy Theory"; Dr. Jerome Corsi Objects

"While conspiracy theories abound, you can take it to the bank that no one involved in these discussions is interested in, or has ever proposed, a 'North American Union,' a 'North American super highway,' or a 'North American currency.'"

-- President George W. Bush

Before you run to the bank consider this:

Dr. Jerome Corsi was interviewed by Michael Agnello on 58Live Talk Radio (WCHS) not long ago on this very subject, and now according to George W. Bush (attending high level meeting with leaders of Mexico and Canada), who denies the entire scheme, Corsi is just another "conspiracy theorist". Apparently so then is Agnello, who was persuaded by Corsi that the plan to form an "American EU" is very real, though originally skeptical. (Do tell us Michael, how does the label feel now that has been pinned on you?)

Sit up and pay attention republicans and democrats alike, for this is another absolute, unqualified denial (like many others, including 9/11 foreknowledge) by this neoconservative President, and everyone must decide the truth of it, based upon hard facts and evidence, which also will determine whether he is outright lying or not. And considering this is not the only thing he has branded a "conspiracy theory", and since it can be proven that he is lying, should other events not be considered as well, since they were branded such from the same mouth?

"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th; malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty."

-- United Nations Speech, Nov. 10, 2001

Apparently Corsi's book is a "malicious lie" and "outrageous conspiracy theory" that SPP is about North American Union. (See the banner link above too). There is no middle ground here, President Bush, fronting for a neoconservative and CFR agenda, is either a deliberate liar or not. It appears that "conspiracy theorists" so-labelled have facts to support their claims, and in more cases than just this one. It is an interesting fact that "security measures" are a large foundational motive for justifying this present Canadian Summit between the three nations (see our previous recent post below), as well as NAFTA treaties and economic concerns. Thus 9/11 has propelled the SPP agenda as much as foreign wars and domestic policy, and revolutionary changes of law. See the big picture? Of course FOX, along with the other major networks, is amazingly silent on this, deafeningly silent. Why not be "fair and balanced" instead? Come republicans, let us reason together--just who's agenda is behind all of Bush's policies?

Could it be that the entire "war on terrorism" based upon the "catalyzing event" (which the Project for New American Century of neoconservatives wrote about in Sept. 2000, which called for a "new middle east" and wars for "benevolent global hegemony") of 9/11 is also perpetuated on lies and false-flags, like the claims to war with Iraq, and many more? Only factual evidence, not mere allegation and repetition, can reveal the truth, and inquiring minds should want to know, instead of trusting a President who has been caught in another blatant lie.

Did we mention before that only republican candidate Ron Paul as President would oppose this agenda? Forget what Don Surber quips about Ron Paul, for as Corsi says about Bush's name calling, "that is the last resort of someone who is losing an argument". It bears repeating, if Americans and West Virginians really want to stop it. (Both Romney and Fred Thompson are also CFR members, as well as Democratic candidates. The deck is stacked). Playing the proverbial ostrich by failing to look and examine the facts, behind "conservative" labels and propaganda rhetoric, will lead to the very real destruction of America. Their long term plan is to join these new big pieces of the global puzzle increasingly toward a world government, by economic seduction or force.


"However, Jerome Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D. whose newly published book, "The Late Great USA," uses the government's own documentation to show the advance of a North American Union, said ridicule is the "last resort of someone who is losing an argument."

Such tactics, Corsi said, "underestimate the intelligence of people listening, and people realize that the argument wasn't answered."

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