Aug 25, 2007

FOX has a Problem with Fred Thompson; Neocons Push Anti-Gun Giuliani

The "liberal media" is after Fred Thompson, only this time it's FOX news. And not only FOX in their recent coverage but from "conservative pundits" who are clearly pushing Giuliani, dismissing many very conservative issues like abortion and 2nd amendment rights. Here is a snip which shows just that, and note that the neoconservative position--clearly NOT a conservative position--expressed by Charles Krauthammer (neocon insider haunting the Washington Post; Project for New American Century) in pushing down Thompson (and Ron Paul) and promoting Giuliani, along with a coordinated attack (first his actor-speaker skills) aided by Jeff Birnbaum (both are Jewish neoconservatives) in this portion from HeadingRight.

Jeff Birnbaum: Well, I think that Thompson ran into a bit of a problem in his speech the other day before the Veterans of Foreign Wars up in Kansas City. He didn’t seem to know his own applause lines. Even though he’s a practiced actor, he didn’t seem to have rehearsed very much for his speech. He isn’t much of a player in a lot of the serious, substantive debates that are going on. I recently wrote a story about each of the candidate’s views, for example , of the big credit crunch that’s been shaking the markets around the world and Thompson wouldn’t even play either because he didn’t have a proposal or because he didn’t want to speak out because he’s not an official candidate. Uh, none the less –

Brit Hume: In other words, he had no articulated position?

Jeff Birnbaum: Nothing to say and has been shooting at people like Rudy Giuliani over his anti, uh his gun control position which Thompson complained was too much anti-gun. I think that’s in general a problem of the whole Republican race, where they’ve been attacking each other in a way that may pull whoever ultimately wins down, when it gets to the general election.

Charles Krauthammer: You know this could be a first. The Thompson campaign is going negative before it even begins. (Laughing from panel.) I don’t know if it’s ever happened, but it’s historic. Look, he’s a good guy; he’s a nice guy but he was in the Senate for a while, and I don’t think he’s left many traces. He’s an actor who is popular, accomplished in other ways, and uh, has had a boomlet. I think the boomlet was…. is ….

Brit Hume: Peaked?

Charles Krauthammer: May have been spent. [Watch him push Giuliani after discrediting Thompson, along with FOX]. Umh, but what’s really interesting here is — I think the Giuliani effect. This is a guy who defies gravity. Everybody expected six months ago, that yes, he was high in the numbers, because people associated him with 9/11, but when Republicans discover how socially liberal he is, his numbers will plummet, and they haven’t. People, I think [he hopes] are aware of his positions on abortion, etc., and I think the answer is, that Republicans are growing up, and they understand that a president is not going to revolutionize… He’s not going to have a revolution on social affairs. [What about 2nd amendment?] Uh, Reagan did not on abortion. It’s not going to happen and what’s important is the war on terror. Democrats are not reliable. Giuliani’s a guy who in a Democratic year, which is going to be ‘08, can win. After all, he’s a guy who won re-election twice in Sodom and Gomorrah [New York].

Fred Barnes: Yeah, and now you’ve touched on the important issue I think. Here’s what helps him [Giuliani] uh with social conservatives and so on, who obviously don’t agree with him on abortion, others don’t agree with him on guns, because he’s a gun controller, and that is… he gets credit for cleaning up New York tangibly. Now, people visit New York; they know Times Square is different — they know crime is way down. They know New York is very different; it’s not just 9/11. It’s, it’s uh, it’s image, which I think is a largely accurate one of the mayor who changed Sodom and Gomorrah and turned it into a city that it’s safe to visit. Uh, that’s important.

Not very conservative are they? Note Fred Barnes strong statement, that Giuliani "is a gun-controller". But so is Mitt (Willard Milton) Romney of Massachussets, also not a social conservative! Both Fred and Romney are members of the CFR too. (See previous posts).

So just look who the neoconservatives want, and just what they stand for, apparently ignoring moral issues altogether and stripping away our second amendment rights, as Thompson accused of Giuliani. DO THE NEOCONSERVATIVES WANT TO DISARM US? (See our article Gun Owners of America Analysis on Ron Paul; Best Alternative to Leading Candidates). NOTE AGAIN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRADITIONAL VS. NE0-CONSERVATIVES.

Before you read these links below for yourself, here again are the last two important republican straw polls, in case you missed them in a previous article, proving that Ron Paul is now a first tier candidate, breaking above the front-runners (sometimes trampling them) in straw polls, proving that Giuliani also does "not defy gravity", nor is Fred as popular among thoughtful straw-voters as with the superficial mass public:

----------IOWA RECAP-------

14,302 ballots were cast. The vote tallies, in reverse order, are below:

11th place: John Cox (41 votes, 0.3%)
10th place: John McCain (101 votes, 0.7%) **********
9th place: Duncan Hunter (174 votes, 1.2%)
8th place: Rudy Giuliani (183 votes, 1.3%) ***********
7th place: Fred Thompson (203 votes, 1.4%) ***********

6th place: Tommy Thompson (1,039 votes, 7.3%)

5th place: Ron Paul (1,305 votes, 9.1%)

4th place: Tom Tancredo (1,961 votes, 13.7%)
3rd place: Sam Brownback (2,192 votes, 15.3%)
2nd place: Mike Huckabee (2,587 votes, 18.1%)
1st place: Mitt Romney (4,516 votes, 31.6%)


Illinois Republican Party, August 16th (922 voters)
40% -- Mitt Romney
20% -- Fred Thompson
19% -- Ron Paul
12% -- Rudy Giuliani
4% -- John McCain
3% -- Mike Huckabee
1% -- Sam Brownback
1% -- Duncan Hunter
0% -- Tom Tancredo

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