Aug 21, 2007

Ron Paul vs. Other Candidates: Straw Poll Results

From this news is significant. We had posted an earlier Georgia Republican Straw Poll previously here in this article on Surveillance polling, which Ron Paul also won.

Recall also that in the Iowa Straw (see results and analysis here), outside of Romney, the "lead candidates" came in embarrassingly low, including Fred Thompson (they were all on the ballot), who polls high nationally (on a fictitious image by the superficial who answered the phone polls), but Iowa straw-voters (among the most interested) were not impressed. Maybe those are worth another look too, and ask yourself, "why"? WHOSE SUPPORT IS "REAL" AND JUST WHO'S ARE "PUSHED" OR MANUFACTURED?

----------IOWA RECAP-------

14,302 ballots were cast. The vote tallies, in reverse order, are below:

11th place: John Cox (41 votes, 0.3%)
10th place: John McCain (101 votes, 0.7%) **********
9th place: Duncan Hunter (174 votes, 1.2%)
8th place: Rudy Giuliani (183 votes, 1.3%) ***********
7th place: Fred Thompson (203 votes, 1.4%) ***********

6th place: Tommy Thompson (1,039 votes, 7.3%)

5th place: Ron Paul (1,305 votes, 9.1%)

4th place: Tom Tancredo (1,961 votes, 13.7%)
3rd place: Sam Brownback (2,192 votes, 15.3%)
2nd place: Mike Huckabee (2,587 votes, 18.1%)
1st place: Mitt Romney (4,516 votes, 31.6%)


Every candidate was included on the ballot (Guliani and McCain even were at the Debate!) whether they "campaigned" or "officially pariticipated" or not. (Note that religion was a big factor in Iowa, if you look at Brownback's website about the campaign battles and religious controversy, and if you consider the Iowa is a high Mormon index state, 2nd to Utah, and it would have been rather simple for Romney to obtain a monolithic vote--his campaign bought thousands of tickets and offered bussing--which is common among Mormon candidates).

FACT: Ron Paul performs better in straw polls (not just post-debate polling, which do not permit multiple votes) than do the leading candidates who poll better in the extrapolated national polling. The following are the latest results.

Ron Paul continued his strong performance in votes requiring active participation and informed voters, racking up wins this week in straw polls in New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Alabama, and placing third in Illinois.

Today's Alabama straw poll win was the most impressive, an incredible 81% showing in a poll of 266 Republicans who paid $35 each to participate, and was billed as
Alabama's only Republican straw poll. Dr. Paul followed that up with a 73% showing in the Strafford County Republican Party straw poll in New Hampshire, after putting in a personal appearance this afternoon. (Huckabee and Tancredo also attended.) He placed third in the largest of the four straw polls, earning 19% of 922 votes cast at the Illinois State Fair.

West Alabama Republican Assembly, August 18th (266 voters)
81% -- Ron Paul
5% -- Mitt Romney
4% -- Duncan Hunter
3% -- Fred Thompson
3% -- Rudy Giuliani
2% -- Mike Huckabee
1% -- John McCain
1% -- Sam Brownback
0% -- Tom Tancredo

Strafford County (NH) Republican Party, August 18th (288 voters)
73% -- Ron Paul
9% -- Mitt Romney
7% -- Mike Huckabee
3% -- Tom Tancredo
2% -- John McCain
2% -- John Cox
2% -- Duncan Hunter
2% -- Fred Thompson
1% -- Rudy Giuliani
0% -- Sam Brownback

Illinois Republican Party, August 16th (922 voters)
40% -- Mitt Romney
20% -- Fred Thompson
19% -- Ron Paul
12% -- Rudy Giuliani
4% -- John McCain
3% -- Mike Huckabee
1% -- Sam Brownback
1% -- Duncan Hunter
0% -- Tom Tancredo

Gaston County (NC) Republican Party, August 14th (41 voters)
37% -- Ron Paul
32% -- Fred Thompson
10% -- Mike Huckabee
7% -- Newt Gingrich
7% -- Mitt Romney
5% -- Rudy Giuliani
2% -- John McCain
The next big test is the Texas Straw Poll on September 1st. In an apparent move to prevent Ron Paul's enthusiastic supporters from dominating the results, the Republican Party of Texas has limited participation to delegates to past state or national conventions. Ron Paul has not been deterred by the tactics, and will be treating the delegates to a pre-vote Texas Pride party at the Worthington Hotel in Fort Worth the night before, featuring Texas blues legend Jimmie Vaughan.

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