Jul 28, 2010

Big Government's Big Secret: The Homeland Security-Industrial Complex

Most everyone, especially among conservatives, have been complaining vehemently about Big Government with just cause.  However, even with the newly elected West Virginia GOP chairman, Mike Stuart, who claims to be a part of the very undefined "tea party" movement, we have heard no willingness to touch the great Leviathan in government that dwarfs the rest of government spending.  That untouchable part would be what is termed "National Defense" (which largely funds Offensive wars for democracy), which has since that "catalyzing event", Sept. 11th, with bipartisan flag-waving support, added a new fraternal twin domestically called Homeland Security.

This new and very unconstitutional agency cloaked in secrecy is nothing less than the beginning of what could be called (in retort to their propaganda) "Home-Grown Fascism".  And mark this, this is the part of Big Government that the neo-republicans, who claim to stand for the Constitution and "limited government" (we wish!), along with the cowardly democrats, are unwilling to question, challenge its legitimacy, or take the budget knife to thus far, even though most other spending issues are minuscule in comparison.  It's time to stop straining at gnats while swallowing camels.  If republicans in particular believe in constitutional and limited government, and "individual liberty" is still part of their platform (which this Leviathan agency also threatens, trampling the 4th amendment in particular), then its time to put Homeland Security spending out in the open and on the table with budget axes in hand.

Republican Congressman Ron Paul foresaw the Big Government (and Big Brother) coming when Homeland Security was proposed before Congress and warned of what would happen in his article The Homeland Security Monstrosity.  He of course was right while the politically-correct blind supporters of the RINO George W. Bush were wrong.  He has just published a new press release on The Bloated Intelligence Bureaucracy, based on this very issue.

In the video below Former National Security adviser Richard Clark here talks with ABC about what could be called the Homeland Security-Industrial Complex (you heard it here first), its Leviathan and secret budgets and a labyrinth of tentacles that reach across the country while everyone from the White House to Congress looks the other way.  The context of the discussion is the Washington Post's new video report called Top Secret America which is bringing some good national attention to this matter.  Note in particular Clark criticism of the Post's report in not going far enough, i.e. the secret spending and extensive spending through government contractors (outsourced secret spending), and names in particular Booz Allen Hamilton, a major contractor benefiting from Homeland Security and the "war on terror", which is loaded with neoconservatives like James Woolsey.  That was a very strong hint on his part as to where the real attention and scrutiny should be directed.