Jul 2, 2010

Senator Byrd's Magnum Opus: "The Truth Will Emerge" Speech

This may have been his most masterful speech at a most crucial time, opposing the Iraq War, squarely against Bush, boldly and contrary to political-correctness, implying it was based upon fraud and lies, which is now entirely vindicated. He was in the tiny minority then, but the majority now. The Truth can never bow to a majority against it, even if its an entire nation.

In giving this speech, Senator Robert C. Byrd personally embodied The Truth, by personal example.

This is the difference between a Statesman and a Politician. This was oratory, truth speaking to power, against all odds, and now vindicated. It's a magnificent thing when someone stands for truth--alone!

This work begins with a great poem about Truth, proceeds into expounding the philosophy, states a daring premise against the majority, cleverly communicating that propaganda and intimidation has driven the war issue. The last line is the climax boldly prophesying vindication of the lone speaker.
clipped from onegoodmove.org
The Truth Will Emerge
by US Senator Robert Byrd
Senate Floor Remarks - May 21, 2003
"Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again, - -
The eternal years of God are hers;
But Error, wounded, writhes in pain,
And dies among his worshippers."
Truth has a way of asserting itself despite all attempts to obscure it. Distortion only serves to derail it for a time. No matter to what lengths we humans may go to obfuscate facts or delude our fellows, truth has a way of squeezing out through the cracks, eventually.
Regarding the situation in Iraq, it appears to this Senator that the American people may have been lured into accepting the unprovoked invasion of a sovereign nation
under false premises.
And mark my words, the calculated intimidation which we see so often of late by the "powers that be" will only keep the loyal opposition quiet for just so long. Because eventually, like it always does, the truth will emerge. And when it does, this house of cards, built of deceit, will fall.