Jul 16, 2010

Gov. Joe Manchin's Record as He Bids for Byrd's Senate Seat

When Manchin campaigned for governor 6 years ago he promised to improve the state climate for business in West Virginia. CNBC's state scoreboard says it all.

Since President Obama is focused on the economy, what does Manchin bring to the table? Only his "Open for Business" results .

Manchin cut taxes, good. But it was a food tax, which most states don't have. So he gets a C.

He managed the budget well, good, but only by bringing in casino table games to increase state revenues on top of lottery schemes. This increases revenues by defrauding others, their duped consent notwithstanding (what gambling is, and why its a crime until legalized, for the "house always wins"). And this trick was done by circumventing and violating the Constitution of West Virginia, as the WVU Law Professor interview proves (and the state supreme court refused to hear in appeal!) Only 4 of 55 counties got to vote.
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West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin: Senate Run 'Highly Likely'

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Joe Manchin
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BOSTON — West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin said Friday that he'll make a decision next week on whether to run for the late Robert C. Byrd's Senate seat.
"It's highly likely I will," he told The Associated Press at the National Governors Association meeting.
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EDITORIAL: What Exactly Has Manchin Accomplished to Merit U.S. Senate Seat?
Six years later, Manchin has accomplished nothing like that
helpful effort for West Virginia's business climate.
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