May 26, 2007

Blasting Cap--again! Capito uses War Funding Bill for Personal Gain

Rep. Shelly Moore Capito had the audacity to appear on WCHS talk radio (waving her Memorial Day flag with neocon sycophant Michael Agnello) to continue the propaganda campaign to support funding a clearly unjust war that was conceived in secret and thrust onto a manipulated public (by "there is no doubt" and "mushroom cloud" speeches) with ferocious, mindless flag-waving. Ms. Capito's audacity was her statement that "most Americans want to" pass funding to (watch the spin again) "support our troops"! "It would have been irresponsible for Congress to leave for Memorial Day holiday without passing the funding bill (ed. quoting from memory after listening). (Meanwhile West Virginia Patriots for Peace and others were protesting all day, and Agnello pretended he "did not notice", even after the news break covered it, whose actually popular position was being impugned as if those who oppose the war are evil and do not have the welfare of American soldiers in mind.) This deliberate distortion and lie, while wrapping the flag around herself, against the facts cannot be given a pass:

"Most Americans", Shelly, want the troops to come home immediately, for a long time now (Zogby poll, per below, 72% wanted the war to end in 2006!). Most Americans do not want the funding continued to support an unjust war. Most Americans fully believe they were LIED TO, by the President, Vice President, and neocons imbedded in the rogue Office of Special plans (at odds with other military brass)--to justify THEIR war. Most West Virginians, Shelly, want the troops home and war over, but you did not represent the majority in your district. "Support our troops" is a ruse slogan to support unjust war--period. Anyone who cares about US troops does not want them sent for unjust purposes upon false pretenses to be cannon fodder toward building a World Democratic Federation, by overthrowing the Middle East. "MOST AMERICANS", SHELLY, ARE WAKING UP.

It does not take additional funding (consider the small percentage actually spent on personal needs for troops in video below) to ramp down, close America's occupation of Iraq, and bring the troops home! It "would not be responsible" for Congress to continue to fund an unjust war through a Pentagon budget that lacks any accountability whatsoever.

Here are the facts, dear Shelly, of what "most Americans" believe, while "taxation without representation" continues and the voices of "most Americans" are impugned as un-American by representatives like you and talk show propagandists. Trying to wrap yourself in a flag does not change the truth, nor does your deliberate misrepresentation of what "most Americans" believe.

MOST AMERICANS, Shelly, are right, contrary to your deliberate lie and distortion of their position. But why should we be surprised from someone who is a loyal pawn of deceitful administration?

Zogby: U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006

CNN Poll: Most back Congress over Bush in war funding fight

Now as far as the "necessary funding to support our troops" (deceitful propaganda), this is just how the Pentagon has spent, and lost, misplaced, and obfuscates TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS ALREADY MISSING. This is how the Pentagon spends war funding to "support our troops". Consider what is spent and where it really goes, while you ponder how Congress can overlook this gross irresponsibility or criminal deceit that would get the CFO of any corporation thrown into jail for embezzlement or fraud :